If you are an entrepreneur or a small scale business owner, the chances are that you do not give so much thought to SEO. However, SEO is an essential part of growth and is capable of paying dividends. When SEO is correctly done, it assists in increasing brand visibility and web traffic, thus leading to more revenue, a broader reach, and sale opportunities.

Seeing how vital SEO is to the growth of businesses, how would a busy entrepreneur enjoy its advantages, despite limited resources and time? In this article, we have compiled a list of recommended SEO strategies, which are explained below.

1. Improving Technical SEO

By technical SEO, we mean the process of making sure that search engine crawlers can read and index your website successfully. The crucial things to look out for in technical SEO are ensuring that your website’s pages load fast and are well secured. You should also ensure that all the links on your site are functional.

Maximizing technical SEO effectively makes for excellent SEO generally. For the hard work and creativity put into creating content for your website to pay off, you need to get it to your audience. To reach your audience effectively, you need to ensure that your site’s fundamentals work correctly.

If you can afford professional engineering services, you could leave the more technical aspects of SEO to the experts. However, if you cannot afford expert services, here are a few more SEO techniques you could utilize:

  • Optimize images: Make sure you use images that are relevant to the content you create. Also, make sure to include suitable captions, and add descriptions of the images used in the “alt text.”
  • Make a site map and submit it to Google: You could use tools that automatically create a site map and update it as new content and pages are added. An example is the Yoast SEO Plugin for WordPress. Afterward, you could submit the site map to Google using the Google Search Console service. This service is free, so you do not have to worry about the cost. It directs Google’s web crawlers as to how your content should be indexed.
  • Fix old and broken links: Repairing links enhances the assessments search engine crawlers make on your website. It also enhances user experience. A Reboot Online Marketing report showed that websites that provide guests with links to well-known and respected sites had a better ranking on Google’s algorithm.
  • Get rid of older pages with poor performance: Do not be scared to cut out older pages with poor performance, as they could bring your overall search rankings down.

2. Improve Local SEO

Google’s search algorithm now facilitates providing local results to searchers who seem to be seeking options near them. Nearly one-third of all searches on mobile gadgets are location-based. This new development offers numerous advantages to small businesses that focus on improving local SEO.

Perhaps the first thing to do is to create a Google My Business profile for your business. However, it is not enough to set up a profile; you ought to maintain it too. Also, make sure to take advantage of the Q&A section to get in touch with potential and actual customers.

Next, you could register your business with Google to enable your customers to leave reviews to which you ought to respond. Engaging with your customer reviews helps to build a loyal customer base and establish your online reputation.

Other platforms on which you can list your business to have more reach are Yellow Pages, Yelp, and TripAdvisor.

3. Improve On-page SEO

In improving on-page SEO, ensure that your content is focused on target keywords. Also, make sure that you put the main keyword on each page. Your content ought to be optimized to improve the chances of having your pages included in primary search results. The best way to go about this optimization includes:

  • optimizing header tags:
  • optimizing headlines;
  • optimizing page titles; and
  • optimizing meta tags.

Although optimization should not consume so much time or energy, it is best to have a plan which helps prioritize the pages to be optimized.

4. Ensure That Your Content Marketing Techniques Are Efficient

Some of the ways to ensure that you utilize useful content marketing techniques include:

Maximizing social media and other social channels: Do not rely only on the reach organic search can produce. Take steps to share your content via social media and other channels, such as Reddit.

Utilizing templates: Making use of templates would not only save you effort and time, but it would also yield excellent content.

Creating videos: Most consumers tend to prefer video content. Also, creating videos may not require so much time.

Therefore, this advantage makes them suitable for the potential customer and the busy entrepreneur. Wistia is an excellent great tool you could utilize in optimizing your videos.

5. Work on More Backlinks to Build Your Website’s Authority

Research has shown that the quantity of backlinks on a site directly affects its search rankings, far more than other considerations. The best way to get more backlinks is to create an effective outreach strategy. This includes listing out potential contacts you could approach with offers to create guest posts or exchange news. You could also seek out tools that would help you identify where your competitors get their backlinks.

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Finally, as a bonus point, ensure that you discover the keywords your potential customer would type into a search engine. This tactic would help you create the kind of content your ideal customer is looking for, and increase your chances of reaching your target audience.

If you find any of these strategies challenging, you could contact us at Joel House Search Media, and we’d be glad to help!