Termed as a game-changer when it comes to marketing, Digital Marketing has helped in leveling the field for small businesses. In the times when half of the world is either on social media or using the internet for various other purposes, it is hard to not to fall for these advertising tricks used by the companies to target their prospective clients or customers.

The bigger the brand the bigger are its digital marketing strategies and yes it may be hard to beat them depending on the big digital players they have in the game but yes it’s possible to snatch the limelight of the game at times.

Digital marketing is no more only about generating traffic for the website or using techniques that might trick the user in clicking that link but it has become more targeted and customer-oriented. The aim has shifted from pinging everyone through advertisements to pitching the right customer that might actually end up in buying your product.

With such an important role in increasing the customer base, leads generation and business growth, digital marketing has become a must for every company that wants to stay in the business and thrive. To earn the hands-on experience of this game from e-commerce marketing to brand management, MS in Marketing is the course that can
make you master at it from the very start of your career. Since this field has become the need of the hour so as the jobs in this field.

Here is a list of jobs in Digital marketing that pay well:

1. Brand Manager:

Brand Managers, as the name suggests have the responsibility to connect the people with the brand of the company by touching the emotional nerve of humans.

They should also be good story-tellers and should also know how to knit
perfect stories to trigger the emotions of the targeted base of the people. Through this the Brand managers build the trust of the people on the brand.

Brand marketing also includes a great understanding of content and how to sell the same to the people.

As the brand Manager has the responsibility to create the overall image of the brand, the average salaries for this job are quite high.

The average salary for a Brand Manager is more than 9lakhs per annum.

2. SEO Strategist:

The main responsibility of an SEO strategist is to make such digital strategies that would reach the targeted customers of the business. In addition to this, they help the business reaching out to a larger base of viewers and audience by lending their technical skills various online marketing campaigns run by the company.

They constantly keep track of the data of audience approaching the company’s website through blogs, social-media or any other websites, they further utilize these results in finding the loopholes in the strategies and improve them every now and then for the company.

The SEO strategists also play with the content to restructure it in a way to make it more understandable and visible for the search engines.

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The average salary for this position starts from 2lakh per annum for an entry level SEO strategist and can go up to 5lakh with increase in experience.

3. Content Strategist:

Content is the most effective way to attract the customers towards a brand. The content strategist has the responsibility to design the strategy of content for a brand in a way that it conveys the message of the brand.

One of the most desirable skills for a content strategist would be the knowledge of SEO so that he or she can create competent content for the company that would rank highly in a search engine’s result.

A content strategist should be able to knit compelling stories and align them with company’s agenda in order to attract the target audience.

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An entry level content strategist can expect a minimum salary of 2.50lakh per annum and average salary for a content strategist is around 4.5lakh per annum.

4. Social Media Strategist:

When more than 70% of adults of the world that are using internet have social media accounts, it is impossible to ignore the power of the social media in this digitally competitive world. Hence, it is essential for every company to make its social media presence effective and strong.

The job of a Social media strategist is to increase the social media presence of the company with the help of various social media tools that help in creating attractive social media posts to reach out to a wider range of audience.

The social media strategist also creates competitive strategies for the company to keep it ahead in its game by keeping an eye on the strategies of the other brands working in the same field and by either implementing the same or modify it according to make the brand more appealing.

The average salary for a Social Media Strategist starts from 4Lakh.

5. E-Commerce Specialist:

E-Commerce specialists design the product pages of the company to enhance the user experience for the customers. They implement such strategies on the pages that help in increasing the conversion rate for the company from a visitor to a customer.

Apart from strategic skills, knowledge of tools and the ability to generate leads for the company from its sales or product pages are the most desirable skills in a E-commerce Specialist.

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The average salary for an E-commerce Specialist starts from 3lakh per annum.

6. Email Marketing Specialist

Who doesn’t love personal reply of the query? And that is why brands still invest hugely in email-marketing. The E-Mail marketers personalize the mails according to a customer and try to pitch the various products of the company
according to the need of the customer.

Mails also give an idea of success rate of a brand depending on the kind of reverts it is getting from its customers. Hence, the email-marketers have the responsibility to grow the email-list of the customers pitching the right services
or products to the right customers.

The average salary for a Email Marketer is around 1.7lakh.

7. User Experience Designer:

UX designers create products that are aimed at giving a great user experience. These designers can come from various backgrounds and focus on creating such designs that will compel the user to become loyal to the brand depending on a pleasurable experience with the use of a device from the company.

The UX designers’ main task is to find the key issues that might hamper or lessen the user experience and address them effectively.

The average salary for a UX designer starts from 1.25 lakh per annum.