The rise of video-sharing platforms has created a new type of advertisement, like TV commercials, video advertisements. A growth hacking agency is constantly changing through new formats, consumption changes, consumer, and platform changes.

In this article, we will discuss the top 7 video trends of 2020 – 

1. Shorter Ads

Consider YouTube; it has a skip option for ads bigger than 3, 6 seconds. The longer the waiting period, the higher the price tag. The same goes for Instagram, and other ads drove apps and websites. Users don’t stick around to watch a minute-long ad until it is really interesting.

This has created a need for shorter ads, or ads that convey a lot more info about the product in the first few seconds. Short bumper ads are more in demand; these ads induce an immediate user response from a viewer. These utilize Shock, Humour, and action to create an addictive environment.

2. OTT Advertising

OTT or Over The Top are content providers who stream media over the internet. There are mainly three types of OTT which are widely known: – 

  • Subscription: Netflix, Hulu, Voot
  • Transactional: iTunes, Amazon, Google Play
  • Ad-supported: YouTube, Twitch, Vimeo

These provide high success rates as they have access to user data like age, location, etc. These data can be utilized to target ads, show ads to individuals who are more likely to buy.

Video completion rates are quite high in these platforms. The ads, in some cases, can be skipped, but it can’t be blocked entirely. OTT platforms are growing and are utilized by a much younger generation.

3. Mobile First

Mobile accounts for 52% of global internet traffic; mobile devices are much cheaper than PCs or laptops; thus, more people can afford it. With a large user base, websites to advertisers must utilize the Mobile-first view. 

The majority of the videos are viewed from mobile devices. This means ads must be in a vertical orientation, making sure that the user doesn’t have to rotate the screen or tilt their heads just to watch an Ad.

4. Cinemagraphs

They are digital art containing a subtle motion that plays in an endless loop while the rest of the image remains still. It is gaining popularity because it creates a visually interesting feel almost like an illusion. 

They require a bit of imagination to create, as it is quite different from simple photos or images. These can be entirely digital or partially digital or entirely real. They are edited uniquely and imaginatively to give the illusion.

5. UGC

UGC or User Generated Content, user creating, and sharing their content. These content are revolved around your business; this can be best explained with video games. Popular online video games have a good online community. Here they share wallpapers or character arts; these content are free ads for you and are more liked and shared by a user. 

6. In-Stream Ads

Still unique to Facebook, these ads are 5-15 seconds long and are placed in between live streams. The main quality of this is the high completion rate. Nearly 70% percent of the ads are watched to completion. They are non-skippable. Since it is on Facebook, they are targeted. Facebook also provides Facebook’s Audience network, allowing advertisers to show ads even in third-party websites and apps. 

7. Increase Ad Spending

As competition for time and space in ads increases the price too will skyrocket. In 2018 alone, 90 billion dollars were spent on video ads and is expected to rise to $102.8 billion by 2023. Out of all the video-sharing platforms, Mobile Video increased the most, and it is growing the fastest. High budgets are going to be a necessity in the future.