Are you interested in entering the analytics industry? Then be sure to take a look at our five rights for inspiration.

  1. The Right Path

The analytics field is quite multifaceted and now is one of the best times to get into this career path. There are many different terms within this field such as Data Analytics, Big Data, Business Analytics, etc. There are different roles depending on skills needed and many of them use the same set of business tools while others don’t.

As a result, you should try to find the best subcategory that is best for you. One particular role that inspired many others into this field and probably inspired you as well as that of a Data Scientist.

If you’re interested in becoming a Business Analyst or Predictive Analyst, then it will easy for you to do so if you have an Economics, Statistics or Business degree. On the other hand, if you enjoy coding and dealing with Machine Learning algorithms and database modeling, then you may be suitable for a Big Data Analytics career.

A Look At Working In The Analytics Field 3

  1. Having The Right Skills

There is no exact skill set that every single company is looking for. However, you should have a good understanding of the various required skills that are necessary for you to perform well in a face-paced and dynamic company.

So, if you look at it from a broad perspective, there are two types of skill sets. Read more about analytics on Harnham.

To have a better idea you should undergo a data science program or even do a suitable analytics course.

  1. The Right Relationships

Next, you have to think about building the right relationships through networking or by professional relationship building. These are quite similar, however, professional relationship building is a lot more effective.

There is a particular quote by Maya Angelou that basically states that even though people may forget exactly what you said or did, they will always remember the emotional impact you had on them.

So by putting an emphasis on building business relationships, it will help you to build your career a lot easier and faster.

This is actually quite true in this modern age where there are many industries and careers that overlap.

As a result, you can actually get some amazing advice and guidance from people who are not even working in your industry. Even though this may seem like a difficult task, you should always strive to keep a positive and growth-oriented mindset.

You can easily make connections by doing simple actions such as sharing a thought leader’s article on LinkedIn, commenting or simply connecting with other people. Basically, your net worth amounts to your personal network.

  1. Having The Right Resume

Recruiters generally only spend about 6 seconds looking at a resume. So, you should always strive to create a resume that is very appealing and well organized.

It should have a simple layout that is well structured. It is best that you go easy on the bullet points since this can take away attention from the most important aspects of your resume.

Therefore, before you ever send in your resume, you should re-do your CV so that it is relevant to the job that you’re applying to.  It is also essential that you have a LinkedIn profile.

  1. The Right Passion

Lastly, you should strive to enter the analytics industry with passion. There is a well-known businessman called Nolan Bushnell who says that you should hire people based on their intensity and passion since everything else can be taught.

This is very true and applicable today.

When you have the right passion it will fuel your career and ensure that it lasts for the long term.