Google is on a steady binge of getting new and stylish changes to its search engine ranking algorithm. Remembering how to have a successful SEO methodology will help in giving you extraordinary advantages. An SEO strategy that might have worked last year may not necessarily work this year. This is because Google likes NEW! If you’re unable to strategize your plan effectively, you will end up way behind your competitors. So have a reinforcement, immediately!

Let’s talk numbers!

Did you know? A whopping 96% of all smartphone searches occur on Google? Around 70 to 80% of users ignore sponsored ads, highlighting the growing relevance of organic traffic. B2B Organisations have learned this success using these SEO hacks & knacks to get through organic reach. Have you been struggling to get a proper check with your SEO plan?

We bet the answer is yes. Hence, we’d like you to go through this article where we’re giving out Effective SEO Techniques to Drive Organic Traffic in 2022. 

Let’s Swim Deep!

Search Engine Optimization Techniques

1. The Implementation Of Content Optimization

SEO, for most of us, is something related to publishing content regularly, targeting new keywords, and getting links to a specific page. On the other hand, SEO Experts know exactly what can increase your organic traffic strategically by simply optimizing your existing content with a process called “Content Optimization”. Follow the below four ways to work on your content optimization.

  • Search for the Right Word Count & Keyword Density

A few SERP queries are answered on the spot with the help of a featured snippet. Whereas a few are best served with 500-1,000- word sales pages. Other than this is another option, where the queries require in-depth articles of 3,000+words.

  • Meta Titles To Optimise CTR

One of the most important on-site tags to optimize the page is Title Tags. To get an incredible interpretation of a CTR help, you should begin chipping away at getting your meta depiction worked right. This technique will surely help in higher rankings. Years ago, Rand Fishkin, the Co-founder of MOZ, explained Google Approaches in one of his Whiteboard Friday episodes. He asserts,” If the fourth position result is getting a greater number of snaps than the subsequent position, shouldn’t they be traded?”. This explains how CTR is the number. 1 ranking factor.

  • Use of Declining Traffic Using Content Display To Identify Pages

Have you noticed how when you publish more content, your traffic and rankings from your old content start to fall apart? Posts begin getting outdated while your competitors are updating new articles. Addressing your putrid traffic is one of the easiest ways to keep perfect track of your older content. 

  • Answer Related Questions to Align with Search Intent

Two different tools that are confusing are ‘People Ask’ & ‘Related Searches’. People are bound to get confused, but these are two broadly different tools in the SERPs that are used as an effective tool to see a user’s search intent. The Related Search section at the bottom of the SERPs gives you information as to what section you can add to your article. 

2. Flawless Page Experience

Get Great Results on Organic Traffic With These Amazing SEO Techniques 1

One of the weakest ranking factors is Page Site Optimization. The SEO world moves faster than you can imagine. With the launch of BERT and MUM, the latest SEO trends display that Google demands to acculturate its web crawler by honing its positioning calculation towards measurements like Page Site Optimization.

a) First Metrics

The Core Web Vitals is a combination of metrics that measure your page’s load speed from a UX perspective. What helps determine this classification?

  • The largest Contentful Paint (LCP)

It measures the loading performance that even Google recommends under 2.5 seconds after page loads.

  • First Input Delay (FID) 

Measures interactivity that Google recommends of less than 100 milliseconds.

  • Cumulative Layout Shift (CLS) 

Measures visual stability that Google recommends a score of less than 0.1

b) Three Other Metrics

A mobile-friendly page with the use of HTTPS protocol. If you haven’t yet paid any attention to your page experience, follow these steps below.

  • Firstly, run your website through PageSpeed insights to calculate how it performs against Core Web Vitals.
  • Secondly, take notes of Google’s recommendations to improve any issues found.
  • Lastly, Repeat the entire process with Test My Site to measure the responsiveness of your site.

c) Boost Page Speed

This feature can do a lot more than improve organic performance. It helps increase conversions and gives you good results. Given below are a few ways to boost your page speed for better rankings.

  • Defer JavaScript loading
  • Reduce server response time
  • Enable browser caching
  • Minify unnecessary code on your page
  • Enable compression

3. Increase Your Stay Time

Get Great Results on Organic Traffic With These Amazing SEO Techniques 2

The impact of user experience in Google’s ranking algorithm has always been speculated by the SEO industry. A clean site, a fast load speed, and a mobile experience are vital aspects. The happier your users, the better it is for Google. This will lead to a high dwell time page over your competitors. 

The stay time should not be confused with the bounce rate. It is the percentage of single-page sessions divided by all sessions for your website or an individual page.

a) Easy To Read Posts

To stand a chance at increasing your organic rankings, you must take the step further and optimize content for readability. The accompanying designing tips will assist with expanding the readability of your content.

  • Quality texts
  • Short passages 
  • A combination of sentence lengths 
  • Sub-headers 
  • Bullets 
  • White Space

b) The Inverted Pyramid Style Of Writing

The Inverted Pyramid Style Of Writing

The basic rule of journalists is the Inverted Pyramid Style Of Writing.

The pyramid has the most valuable information placed at the top of the article, with little important information appearing below. Readers rarely reach the bottom of the page, which makes a lot more sense by giving them exactly what they want as they land on your page.

4. Take a Great Look At Topic Clusters

Google Algorithms are transforming into a new nutshell every day. Its primary goal is to comprehend the expectation of its clients, and what they are searching for and expecting. Their main focus is based on what search results would help them answer their query.

Don’t expect your website to appear on the first page of Google when you’ve only worked on creating keyword-focused content. Also, look out for the context around it. This also refers to user intent.

  • Who is your target audience?

The type of content you create will depend solely on your audience. The more information you have about them, for instance, location and interests, and so on, the better the content will reach out to them. The most important aspect is to understand your target audience, or you may risk creating content for all other topics. 

  • Organize content into clusters

Instead of focusing on standalone keywords, manage all your content into different themes. This will help have a pillar page that is your site’s most important page, and you would want it to rank for a broad range of keywords. The use cluster pages are such that they are live around and are linked back to the relevant pillar page. They will also answer questions or cover topics related to the pillar page in detail.

  • Strong keyword research

You cannot ignore keywords as it helps manage your content. These two viewpoints work connected at the hip with Google’s spiders flagging subjects and clues to the content of a site. Keyword research helps in discovering who is searching for the topics you write on. Creating a blog post is an easy way to answer every customer specification effectively.

SEO Technique FAQs

  1. What is SEO?

Search Engine Optimisation is a process of optimizing a web page to rank in a search engine’s result page (SERPs). For every search query, Google’s algorithm weights all the pages that are relevant and authoritative and can be organized accordingly.

  1. Top two SEO strategies for 2022?

The top two SEO strategies are:

  • a) Optimize your page experience

Make sure your core web vitals are all within the Google defines. Also, keep in mind the other three aspects that Google prioritizes. These are mobile-friendliness, secure domains, and a non-intrusive user experience.

  • b) Increase your dwell time

Create visually appealing content, data-driven or story-based content. This will not only will you receive more leads on your page, but you will also get more links.


The top five SEO results on a Search Engine Results Page (SERPs) get up to 75% of total clicks. These directly influence conversions. Hence, it is necessary for any online business that longs for a chance in its niche to rank its SEO game. 

Search engine optimization is the second most significant angle after email promotion. One way to have this done right is to write exquisite content and make your website super-friendly and eye-catchy. Try out Actionable SEO Tips & Tricks To Increase Organic Traffic to build a reader-focused online presence.