We all are familiar with the matter when it is time to publish a new article but there are no ideas.

Not a single one.

You can be very good at copy-writing, marketing or any other area of knowledge but the time will come and you might feel a phenomenon called writer’s block.

It is something that can happen and happens to every writer at some point, with no exceptions.

Then, the question arises as for what to do when x-time comes. Just to sit quietly and wait for her majesty miss inspiration to come does not sound like a good idea.

Simply follow the instruction below and you will begin generating many new ideas and concepts for your blog.

Away from a computer.

Did you expect this point? Do you think it is commonplace? Perhaps. However, it is something that works absolutely.

Of course, surfing through the Internet might give an interesting idea but when things are coming to a crisis, the Internet is not much of a helper.

You will simply be unable to «catch» some truly necessary information for your readers. All the hitches will pass you by.

In this condition, a person is in no humor in whatsoever, feeling down, cheerless because of no breathtaking ideas able to engage anyone in reading.

Which is why what you need are:

  • To turn your computer off;
  • To listen to the music, which makes you feel good (15-20 min.);
  • To think about your experience (what you have discovered and what works for you—lessons, you came through for all these years through trial and error);

Here are a few tips, which are going to help you to write truly good content in such a format:

  • Think more about mistakes, do not focus on success. Why? Because people find it hard to learn from other people’s` success. On the other hand, if you write about mistakes, they are easier to memorize and then there is a chance that your readers will not repeat them.
  • More details — sharing your impressions without giving details is useless. There is no shame in making mistakes, we all make them. Keep transparent policy in your story so your readers could learn and make a lesson out of your article.
  • Propose an action. It is not enough just to tell about a mistake. Propose certain actions to your readers so they could prevent from making mistakes you made.

It is a safe choice.

Look under your very nose.

The best ideas are usually somewhere close.

So you could find this “close”, spy on your competitors or those who, in your opinion, is worthy of it in your niche.

  1. Look through the most popular articles, which posts receive the biggest feedback in the form of likes and comments.
  2. Pay attention to what socials buttons were liked.

Draw up a circuit before writing.

Having just an idea or a topic, you will be unable to create a post for your blog. Sometimes, there is a lack of information for something fully featured.

This is why you should not write an article before you created a structure.

  1. The title is what you need to begin with. Come up with at least five versions of what it should be sounding like. In doing so, it will be easier for you to choose the one, which is simpler and easier to understand.

For example,

  • How A Wedding Photo Shoot Goes
  • How To Make A Perfect Celebration
  • Ways To Save On Wedding
  • Things You Absolutely Need On Your Celebratory Event

2. Then goes introduction. Compose 2-3 introduction paragraphs, which would explain what the article is all about. The meat of this part is to get a reader interested.

For example,

To get started, set a budget – this is the first and most important step to reduce costs. Decide for yourself how much you can spend, and don’t waste money just like that. Saved money can always be added to the wedding budget.

Try to prioritize spending: there are some things that may be more important to you and your finances than others.

Think of simpler solutions. This is one of the ways to save money and sanity in order to simplify your celebration. Do you really need to have 8 different salads on the table, because aunt Mary does not eat mayonnaise, and uncle John loves a lot of olives, or can we restrict ourselves to 5 species?

Allocate enough time to prepare: you do not have to go shopping on the last day and buy anything and pay only because you have no time to postpone. You can always search for stores with stocks, and products with discounts. This will significantly reduce your budget.

3.  A body is the next stop of the writing bus. Run through the bullet points requiring a discussion. Make sure there are enough paragraphs for the article not to be too short.

It should contain clothes and accessories (this include renting clothes, evening dress, a hairdo and a makeup, a bridesmaid dress and purchase of shoes), saving on flowers (fresh flowers or artificials), ceremony (whether it is height of the season or not, wedding transport, guest list, wedding in the middle of the week, a choice of the restaurant), pictures (a choice of a photographer, a friend photographer who is an amateur, buying negatives, selected pictures), saving on invitation cards (paper or digital ones), music (a CD of your own, a band of beginners or a dj in fashion) and provision (buffet style, a small cake, wholesale purchase, drinks in the restaurant, tips, a number of a waiters) sections.

4. A conclusion: The conclusion is something your readers are to squeeze out of your post. Thus, if they scroll your post, they can see the point at the end. Doing so, they have a chance to read it entirely and to like it.

Listen to people whom you write for and ask questions.

If your subscribers leave not enough comments, ask them by means of pop-up windows what they want to read about next time.


If you are to follow all of the above, your blog will always contain interesting articles, which are on the front burner.

Your own studies and subscribers feedback’s will constantly breed new ideas.

Your blog is not a rocket science, which is why there is no evidence to excuse downfall of ideas.

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About the author: Melisa Marzett who lives in Phoenix, in Arizona, the state of dreamers and currently writing for http://resumeperk.com/ intensively searches for new guest post opportunities to contribute with her pieces of different topics. She is a dreamer and believes that the time will come and she will write a book, which is going to become a best seller.