There is no accurate answer to this question… Bazinga! You never saw my practical joke coming, do you?

Of course, there are answers to this million-dollar question, and apparently not one but many.

I understand that your website is not getting a lot of traffic; let me rephrase this sentence, your site is getting traffic, but you feel it should have more of it.


No fear, we, you and I will discuss some techniques, which can help you divert the desired traffic.

Influencers Value

Social media is so powerful these days that countries are making government on its basis. Why you won’t be able to uplift your business?

Influencers are the latest way of advertisement on social media channels.

Influencers are not mainstream celebs but are famous on social media platforms.

Aussie Man Reviews’ Ethan and Kylie Jenner are two very different but huge influencers on social media these days.

How to use them? It’s easy, contact them and ask them to promote your product or site in their post.

If your business is not that bigger, go for local influencers, local ones are cheaper and available easily.

You can expose your business to the influencers followers in this way, just like guest posting.

Guest Posting 

Your SEO guys are talking so much about link building all the time, right? For sure, the whole web marketing business is based on it.

Guest posting is the active most technique for some secure link building.

You just need to research and find free Guest posting website with genuine traffic.

Or, if you have the budget, you can go for paid guest posting.

Indeed, the paid ones are more reputable, having a higher amount of traffic and readability stats.

Get That Viral Stuff To Talk

It is easier said than done, but trust me everyone can do it, all you need is a little attention.

There is nothing in this world that can increase your website’s traffic than viral content.

But how to create the viral?

  • Catch the wave quickly

Go to Google trends, see what is in the trends at the moment and write something related to it.

Write something new on the topic, and this must happen within a day since the actual content went viral.
People always want more of what they like, give them that.

  • Tickle those emotional bones

Your content must have the power to summon emotions like humour, anger, joy or evenlust. People feel more engaged when they think something after or while reading or watching something.

  • Ride that Narssacit Hog

Most of them want to look smart; everyone wants it secretly. That’s the reason why psychology sites do so well with their posts; they shine the light on everyone’s positive sides. And they all share it, well, because, “Science B*tch!”.

Detailed Data (For Informative Websites)

Those days are gone, when people did not have time to read long posts/content on the internet; just imagine how much time we are spending on phones?

Now, everyone wants to read that long post/content.

The reason behind it as Abbotsford marketing experts claim that is, now, people see short content as trash work.

People have started to feel that writers don’t sweat enough to shorter content; they just write it straight away.

So, those 500-word blogs are not going to work anymore. You need more specific content.

Anything under 1000 words is dead to the audience.

Create a YouTube Channel

If you want your message to go viral, no matter what the mission behind it is, you need YouTube.

Video content is doing so high in the market that it is an integral part of e-marketing now.

Most of the people hate to read, they want the information, but they do not want to read, hence, videos.
Also, disguising a sales pitch is more comfortable in a video, if you are doing it right.


Okay, so here are some of the points you need to consider to enhance the traffic on your website.

Just remember, the customer is not a fool, a customer is a smart fellow, you just have to make her/him feel smart, and you are good to go.