When you are marketing your brand and collaborating with a company for the promotion, do you know what you need to do to get the best results? Anchoring B2B strategy on business psychology can be the best way you can get a boost in marketing. In 2020, any brand has surely realized that it is human emotions that drive the market. The core feeling of a specific time, the urgency and scarcity, the immediate solution for an unexpected problem, all can be achieved once you know how the psychology of your customer works.

Based on this, expert companies that offer internet marketing service even emerging ones like Digital Concepts, are using the methods that you will find in the following points which are helping in lead generation and getting more audience. Take a look.


The age-old urge is a human being is reciprocation. People love it when their talks or actions are reciprocated. So, how can you reciprocate with your potential customer? You can offer them stellar content for free. Produce content that is neutral, informative and fun. Let them engage. By the time you offer gated content, they will be happy to subscribe and share the details depending on the trust they have earned. Give them the satisfaction of having a gift once they subscribe. For example, you could write a blog on a topic. But make it a webinar and offer only to the subscribers. More than a checklist, give them the link to your free ebook. Give your audience the feeling of your exclusivity.


Remember the March of 2020 when the pictures of empty racks at different shopping centers, grocery stores and supermarkets surfaced on the internet just at the time of the outbreak of COVID19? People were panic-buying and fighting over the rolls of toilet paper because there was a sense of scarcity. When the consumers are feeling that there is a scarcity, that creates the emotion of urgency. And that makes the consumer take action. So, how can you use that for your brand?

  • Run limited-time offers. When you are running open-ended campaigns, people will know that their products are going to be in stock anyway. When they get to know that the offer is most likely to expire soon, they are going to act fast.
  • The sound of clock ticking can make anyone jittery. So, if your consumers get to see the clock ticking, that will create the feeling of scarcity. Ask the online marketing company to add a timer at the top of the website showing a countdown. You can do the same on social media too.
  • To drive faster action, you can give the customers some details like telling how many slots are left to register for or how many products are left in store.

However, there is one thing that you need to be careful about. Be honest about the scarcity. If your customers get to know it was a fake urgency, your brand will lose credibility.


Increasing the authority of your brand is necessary. Otherwise how your potential consumers will know that they are dealing with an authentic name and perhaps the industry leader? Now, maybe you are an established brand serving customers for a long time. But do you actively try to increase your authority?

People tend to follow the recommendations from the experts. And if you are showcasing these recommendations, then they will trust you too. How can you do that?

  • On your website, you can show the certification of your brand by some authority. In fact, if you are designing a landing page, make sure it is displayed on that page too. It will increase the credibility and more chances to get clicks on the CTA.
  • Have your company won an award? If yes, then make sure your first-time visitor knows about it too. The “award-winning” part should be the highlight of your marketing.
  • Currently, influencer’s marketing is a big thing in the world of digital marketing. So, connect with the influencers with a notable number of followers. Collaborate with them in order to appeal to a new section of relevant audience and create higher credibility,
  • Having experience in an industry is often a sign that a company is an expert. So, if you have notable experience in the industry, don’t waste it. Talk about it proudly on your website and let the number of years influence your customers.

Paradox of Choices

 This is a psychological aspect that means more choices make one stressed. The general idea is that having more choices is having freedom and happiness. But in reality, it is not true. In fact, it is exactly the opposite. More choices often cause confusion and stress for the users. That can happen with your customers too. When they are given too many options, they freeze and end up doing nothing and even leaving your website.

To prevent that and make it work for you, you can do the following,

  • Reduce choices for then customers. Don’t offer too many groups of options. Cut down the choices to the barest minimum. This way you can prevent them from being confused and steering away from your brand. Give them only two or three options and then add a CTA.
  • Instead of offering several things, bundle your offers together. Don’t give so many individual choices that might lead to more confusion. Instead, give them the offers in a hard-to-resist bundle that they will take.
  • When you are offering multiple things, that will split the attention of your customers. Instead of that, make an offer that will keep them focused and will lead to assured conversion rather than inaction.

So, now as you know how you can use psychology and anchor it with B2B strategies to get a competitive edge in marketing, what are you waiting for? Get connected with a reputed company that offers digital marketing services and set the ball rolling.