One way to bring in more and more customers to your store is by using Google My Business or GMB.

This would help them to see various locations nearby through searches and even Maps so they can find what is closest to them.

Google is going to attempt to show you the type of restaurant or business that you are searching for and this is a good way to increase your local ranking.

Here are some ways that you can increase your local presence by optimizing GMB, so keep reading to find out more.

Business Information

If you are searching and can’t seem to find your own business, then the first thing that you need to do is to update your information.

This means that your business might not be appearing in the relevant searches for the area and this is something that should be done to see
more presence.

Here are a few of the areas where you can increase your local presence simply by updating information, such as:

Entering Complete, Updated Data

Local results are going to favor the relevant results for every search and that includes businesses with accurate and complete information.

You should ensure that all of the information for your business is uploaded into Google My Business so that the customers can find out about what you offer, where you are located when they can stop by, and much more.

It is important that you are adding your phone number, physical address, attributes, categories, and much more and keep it updated as the business changes.

Verification of Locations

Ensure that you are verifying the locations of your businesses to ensure that you are being pulled up in the search results.

This should be done so that you can be shown in the search engine results and even on Maps when customers are looking for something close. If your
business changes locations, then you should change this immediately and let the customers know the new address as quickly as possible.

Accurate Business Hours

Keep your hours accurate and make sure that they are entered and updated as needed. This should include the hours that you are open for special events or holidays so customers can see when you are open.

The more accurate your hours are, then the more likely the customers are going to be when it comes to venturing to your location.

Manage, Respond and Re-respond to All Review

Another thing that you should do is make sure that you are interacting with the customers who leave you some feedback. This should be done for all types of feedback, including both positive and negative.

Not only do you want to respond to them and let them know that you are have heard what they said, but respond again if there are any other complaints.

The more customers see you interacting with and solving issues, then the more likely they are to visit your location.

Add High-Quality Images

Another thing that you need to be doing is ensuring that you are adding some high-quality images to your listing.

When you do this it is showing your customers the products as well as services that they can avail from you. Appealing and accurate pictures can also show the customers what your business can offer them and what space looks like when they are searching.

How Local Ranking is Determined

How to Improve Your Local Presence with GMB Optimization 1

Google determines the local results based mostly on prominence, distance, and relevance and these are all factors that are used to match the best company with the client’s needs.

The more you know about how local ranking is determined by Google the easier it will be for you to ensure that all of the information remains updated. Here is a bit more to know about each of these factors, so keep reading on.


One of the first things that Google will take into consideration is just how far away your business is from the client.

If the user doesn’t specify a certain location while they are searching, then Google is going to calculate the distance regarding what they know about their current location.

The closer you are to the client’s current location, then the more likely Google is to show your business first, so make sure the location is correct and updated.


Relevance is used in order to determine just how well the local listings are matching what the individual is searching for. If you have a detailed and complete profile up, then this information will help them to understand what your business offers.

When they understand this, then they can show your listing to potential customers and this is why you need to add complete information to your profile.

Don’t leave anything empty since you never know what is going to affect what is being shown.


Prominence is how well-known a company is in the area and there are some businesses that are much more prominent in the real world than online.

This is often attempted to be used in the local ranking for famous store brands, landmark hotels, and museums. However, this is based on the information that Google gets about any company from the internet.

Google score and review count are also factored into the ranking for the local searches.

There isn’t any way that you can avoid this, so make sure to focus on this area as needed.

It is important that you are using Google My Business and that means that everything needs to be optimized.

If you know why optimization is important, then it will ensure that you are keeping it updated, so go ahead and fill out your profile.

The more information that Google has, then the higher the chances are at that you are going to show up, especially if you have the location and service-based information filled out.

For those who want more local customers, then this is an easy way to start bringing more in, so make sure that everything is double check and updated.