With the thought of the phrase “Work from Home,” it is commonly taken as the option for ladies or persons with special needs who can’t attend the office daily.

However, this completely changed with the widespread of Covid-19 in 2020. Offices went into “work from home” phases for an indefinite time till the situation gets better.

Where a spur of online business was seen, another very evident search was “work from home” from the individuals who are seeking remote work opportunities.

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This search’s increase is directly related to COVID-19’s impact on business and job markets around the world. Recently, Google sent an alert to the site owners about the rise of “work from home” search, which came as an alert to many since Google hardly does it.

The spike in work from home search started in March and reached its peak in the third week of March and remained constant since April. Search interest as per Google was 26, and it reached 100 in March, but it was short-lived and soon began to fall and has been on 48 since April in the search interest.

Increase In “Work From Home” Searches | Googles Advice To Site Owners 1

One key finding inferred from this was that the places or city where the COVID-19 was at a rise in the search interest of “work from home” was the highest like the Mississippi.

This means that the areas that are badly infected from this pandemic, the residents of the city are showing interest in working from home and hence staying safe.

While talking about this search, the bad news that has been seen around is that the growth of remote working opportunities has remained unchanged during this period.

With the unemployment rate increases globally and suspected to hit double digits and many businesses becoming bankrupt for obvious s reasons, LinkedIn on the other and saw a rise in the category of work from home nearly up to 30%.

CEO of LinkedIn shares the meaningful insight that searches like “remote” and “work from home” have seen a 42% increase, whereas job seekers are jelling themselves in the new normal.

This whole insight is significant and requires the upcoming candidates to the ready to work from home and prepare themselves to stand out in this new normal.

Many people might feel pumped up, and many might feel down due to the work situation, but you need to be prepared to take on this challenge.

For SEO agencies this rise was very beneficial. As businesses are now stopping their ad spent and focusing more on SEO.

Some tricks to ace this new normal:

  1. Acing your remote interview: Remote interviews are not a choice but a compulsion nowadays due to social distancing. In these circumstances, you need to be prepared with the best set-up, presentable clothes, and a good background so that you can showcase your professionalism, dedication, and communication skills. Connect with the remote interviewer and maintain the eye level so that you can show that you are trustworthy for the company.
  2. Excellent video and good audio: Interviewing remotely and on top of not being able to hear the other person’s voice or vice versa is the last thing you would want on your list. It is essential to set a good headphone or invest in a good USB microphone that will make you audible, and you will be loud and might even stand out in the crown.
  3. Consider your Background: Background??? No longer applies to your educational or family. Still, in this new normal it is essential that you take care and by that proper care of the background you chose to sit nobody wants to hire a person where the person has too much noise in the background or have a pile of dirty laundry sitting on your bed or any such thing. Consider making your background neater and cleaner for impressing the interviewer.

As much as the work from home seemed like a sudden surprise to many companies due to this sudden adjustment, it has proven to be not so bad after all and mainly because of the obvious reasons:

  • Less Commute Stress: Let’s admit it, who would want to be stuck in traffic when now you have the option of working from home comfortably with the stress of commutation.
  • Improved Inclusivity: Working from home gives the employers an excellent chance to include people from various geographic, cultural, socioeconomic backgrounds, and that can bring amazing ideas to the table.
  • Saving for Employees and Companies: Employees that work from home save the cost of transportation, fuel, food, etc. that can be put into your pocket. As for the companies, the cost of utilities, office, etc. are also saved, which can be used to put the money in better saving plans or give good bonuses to employees.
  • Work-life Balance: Working from home no doubt means you can drop your kids to school, play with them or have lunch during your break, look after house chores to some extent and spend more quality time with your family. Hence work from home has seen positive results in many families, making them happy and better working employees.

With the new normal, working from home will be more of a compulsion for some time rather than an option or a luxury. Companies and employees both need to make changes to their policies so that they can cater to the changes in the working dynamics and be more flexible as the work from home requires that. In addition to that, there will be certain challenges for the employees in terms of their productivity, communication barriers or delays in operational procedure but working from home will undoubtedly remain a top search for some time since it gives both males and females the option to look after their families and work easily too. So till then enjoy “working from home”!!