A large number of people are starting to use the internet to research various subjects, communicate with people, and purchase items and many brands are catching up with the potential customers going online.

Having a presence in the world wide web allows a company to reach more people than ever which also lets the company expand.

Some websites defeat the purpose of them being present because they fail to connect with their target audiences. Most of the failures tend to be due to lacking a satisfying experience in the site.

Visitors want an eye-catching and engaging online experience and not having those keeps the people from staying and transacting.

Having an impactful web design is essential on your website since it is your brand’s online extension and people will decide whether to do business with you or not based on it.

Among the necessities of a website are a balanced color palette, white spaces, and call-to-action buttons among others.

A balanced color palette attracts the eyes of the visitors and identifies the website as the online extension of your brand.

White spaces provide balance to the color palette while also allowing readers to consume smaller sections of information and absorb them piecemeal which keeps the eyes from straining.

A website may have already attracted the attention of a visitor but it also needs to be interactive by placing call-to-action buttons like the “Download Now” or the “Buy Now” buttons for transactions.

Visitors tend to return when there are things to do in a site.

Having an online presence means connecting with the people on the internet, and there are more factors for having an impactful web design as can be seen in this infographic by Baunfire which includes using right images, easing navigation, and optimizing for mobile use.

Key Factors For Impactful Web Design For More Customers 2