Many law firms are struggling to capture the attention of potential clients. While marketing budgets may be limited, there are plenty of creative ways to get noticed.

Do you know what your target audience wants? You can’t just guess or assume that they want to learn about your law firm. Know the ins and outs of their needs so that you can offer them something of value.

For example, if you are a divorce lawyer, prospects will primarily be concerned with how much child support they might receive. Once you understand this, you can tailor blog posts or updates to speak directly to this issue.

Here are eleven tried and true marketing strategies for Law Firms

Let’s get started!

1. Leverage social media

You should have at least one social media account set up for your law firm, if not more. Think about what type of content people will want to share from your page or how they will benefit from interacting with you online before setting up an account. Also keep in mind that most activities are visible to others, which means you may be broadcasting messages to more people than intended.

Even law firms with a little budget can benefit from social media profiles. Creative companies are finding that some of the most inexpensive law firm marketing strategies are on social media sites. Posting articles that are relevant to your practice will help keep you on top of mind when people use search engines to find information about legal topics.

This allows potential clients to see at a glance how knowledgeable you are in this area and perhaps encourages them to contact your office for more information or an appointment with an experienced lawyer.

2. Participate in local events

If you have a physical location, consider hosting community events. If the cost is prohibitive, find another way to participate. For example, if you are a business attorney, contact local chambers of commerce and offer your assistance for free.

People will talk about the positive experience they had with you or your firm, making them more likely to call when they need someone like you in the future.

3. Create an e-newsletter

Don’t neglect electronic newsletters. They provide consistent exposure to new clients every week (or month), letting them know exactly what is on offer from your law firm.

Potential clients can sign up for this newsletter through your website or social media profiles; thus giving you access to their personal information so that you can actively market directly to them regularly. They may even turn into repeat customers or referrers.

4. Keep your website fresh

Your website should be constantly updated with relevant content that speaks to your target audience. This not only helps potential clients gather information, but it also keeps the search engines interested in indexing your site, which can increase awareness about your law firm online.

If you don’t have time for this or need assistance with it, there are plenty of inexpensive options available. Just make sure to keep it fresh so that people who visit regularly stay engaged and might think of utilizing whatever services you offer in the future.

5. Hold seminars and workshops

Consider hosting or sponsoring seminars or workshops that will attract local professionals in your industry. You may even want to find an expert within your own company who is willing to speak to the topic, creating sought-after free content for attendees.

You can even charge a fee, but make sure it is nominal because people will be more interested in these events when they are offered for free.

6. Send out newsletters

Your newsletter should go out regularly (even if you only update it weekly) to existing clients. Make sure that people know why they should read it and how they can benefit from doing so. For example, if you specialize in contracts, give them an article written by an expert in this field explaining why contracts are so important and what steps they can take now to protect their business or personal assets through proper documentation.

7. Blog about legal topics

Every law firm should have its blog. This allows you to speak to people directly about topics that are relevant to your practice area. You can also link back to other articles on your website, which will help increase interest in your services.

The great thing about this is that it doesn’t have to be complicated or time-consuming if you take advantage of pre-written content. There are even tools like Quora and Answerbag where you can find experts who will provide an article for free (or for a small fee) instead of having to create your unique content all the time.

8. Create press releases based on local events

Create press releases that coincide with upcoming community events or things that are happening at your office. This could include anything from holding an open house to launching a new campaign that is in the best interest of people in your local area. Make sure that you target all of the traditional media outlets in your town with every release, but also promote any newsworthy information on social media channels and through your e-newsletter.

9. Invest in SEO

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is the process of improving your website’s ranking in search engine results pages. This means that when people are looking for services like yours, you will be more likely to pop up on their screens.

Although there are some free options available, it often requires some heavy lifting. However, if you hire a professional who knows how to do it right, they can help you increase awareness about your law firm online and drive qualified potential clients to contact you directly.

10. PPC campaigns

PPC (Pay Per Click) campaigns are an excellent way to get your website noticed in a crowded marketplace. A big advantage is that they can be targeted directly to certain demographics, which means you will only pay when people who fall into your target audience see your ad.

You can set up ads on just about any social media platform or search engine, and some tools even let you track conversions so you know exactly how many potential clients clicked through and reached out after seeing the ad.

11. Make use of testimonials and reviews

You should always ask satisfied clients if they would be willing to provide a testimonial. Testimonials increase trust with future visitors since it lets them know what others are saying about working with your firm. It is also beneficial to ask people who have left reviews on third-party sites if you can use their quotes in your marketing materials.


Law firms need to have a clear understanding of the various marketing strategies that can be implemented. It’s not enough to just rely on one method and hope it works every time. Different people react differently, so you need several different methods to appeal to as many potential clients as possible.

The more you learn about how your customers think and behave, the better equipped you’ll be when attempting new ways of reaching them through media channels like social media or PPC campaigns. We encourage all businesses operating within this sector to take advantage of these 11 legal marketing strategies now before their competition does!