Mastering SEO Strategies: What’s Working Right Now

In the rapidly evolving world of SEO, it’s crucial to stay informed about the latest strategies that can skyrocket your website’s growth.

Here, we distill the insights from a leading industry expert who successfully grew his site from zero to over 400,000 visitors per month, ranking for numerous highly competitive keywords in the process.

He reveals the strategies that are proving most effective, which you can leverage to enhance your own site’s performance.

Leveraging Curated Collections

The first strategy is the utilization of curated collections. Essentially, these are repositories of information gathered from various sources across the web and assembled in one accessible place.

For instance, successful use of this strategy involves creating startup list posts, where startups from several industries are collected and presented along with relevant statistics.

The beauty of curated collections is the inherent value they provide. When someone searches for specific startups, having a well-researched, categorized list of interesting ventures meets their needs and ranks high in search results. Hence, even though this type of content may not be traditionally deemed ‘great,’ it can attract significant traffic due to its unique value proposition.

Harnessing Reverse Outreach for Backlinks

Backlinks remain a critical component for ranking on Google, mainly because they indicate trustworthiness and authority. Google wants to present its users with reliable, accurate information, and backlinks serve as an effective metric to identify such authoritative sites.

To optimize backlink generation, a tactic known as reverse outreach is recommended.

Reverse outreach flips the traditional outreach method on its head. Instead of sending countless emails to bloggers and journalists, you identify what these content creators are researching and position yourself there.

By figuring out the keywords bloggers and journalists in your niche are searching for, you can create content to fill those gaps, thus encouraging backlinks naturally.

Emphasizing the Bottom of the Funnel Content

Top-of-the-funnel content is information that people search for when they’re not explicitly looking for your product. However, to drive conversions, focusing on bottom-of-the-funnel content – which caters to those ready to make a purchase – can be quite effective. Such content targets very specific keywords with less competition and even though these keywords might not have a high search volume, the conversion potential makes them highly valuable.

Creating AI-Proof Content

With the rise of AI-generated content, it’s essential to focus on creating content that AI cannot replicate well.

While AI can describe ‘what’ something is, it often falls short on the ‘why’ aspect, especially when it involves linking seemingly unrelated pieces of information or trends.

Hence, concentrating on ‘why’ keywords and bringing unique human analysis to your content can help you maintain a competitive edge.

Riding the Wave of Trending Keywords

Identifying and targeting keywords that are on the cusp of trending, but aren’t competitive yet, can be a strategic way to gain traction, particularly for sites with less authority.

Exploding Topics are useful for finding such trending keywords before they gain mainstream attention.

Prioritizing Time to Value

Finally, the ‘time to value’ concept is crucial in SEO. This pertains to the duration it takes for a visitor to get what they want from your page.

If you have a long introduction or if your content is hard to scan, your time to value will be high. On the other hand, if you provide valuable information immediately, you’re more likely to rank well.

Aim for a time-to-value of just a few seconds by starting your content immediately, ideally above the fold.

These are the key strategies driving SEO success at present. They aren’t definitive, and as the digital landscape evolves, new strategies will undoubtedly emerge.

However, for now, these approaches offer robust pathways to bolster your website’s growth and visibility.