We are well familiar with podcasting, as we used to listen to it while cooking, driving, eating, or relaxing. It’s a very popular way of engaging the audience.

Sometimes, our interest becomes building in some podcasts because of their content or topic. In return, the podcast producer gets listeners. 

During the podcast, we also listen to some irrelevant but interesting ads or discussion with a guest or about guest posts. Which we sometimes listen for interest, or sometimes ignores. That’s the podcast link building strategy, which marketers apply on businesses. Their purpose is to generate links by engaging the audience.

So, if you are a business and want to adopt this strategy, we assure you that you are in the perfect place.

In this article, we will discuss the guest post on the podcast (an effective way of link building), so your business becomes successful organically.

What Is Being A Guest On Podcasts? 

In this advanced era, guest posts on podcasts considered the fastest growing marketing strategy.  It’s a solid link building strategy, where you or host promote your business through website links, sharing information, or social media accounts.

It’s not only limited to listeners or engaging audiences; it powerfully works for increasing organic search.

Guesting on a podcast also helps you reach the new audience in the same target market. It not only boosts your site but also gives long-term benefits in the form of your site SEO as well.

In this way, Google ranks your site and you get more valuable traffic. 

Being a guest on the podcast, spread awareness about your brand, blog, or any particular purpose.

It’s a brilliant way, or a wonderful opportunity for many businesses to showcase their services or expertise to the audiences. It’s also a useful idea for those who don’t have time to make a video or less budget, they can take huge out of it by utilizing this method efficiently.

But a podcast host cannot make you their guest until your content or topic is not interesting or valuable for them and their audience as well.

So, you must have unique content that the audience could relate to or take an interest in. 

How To Gain Links By Being A Guest Post On Podcast?  

Why does a business want to be a guest on a Podcast?

For business promotion, targeting the market, and promoting any article, etc.

Sometimes, a host offers you to be their guest or usually, you contact a host and request them to be their guest.

However, there are the fewest chances of being invited, so you need to focus on your business to create something interesting.

Let’s discuss important steps of being a guest on the right podcast and generating links. 

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  • Know your Audience 

Who will be your ideal audience? For whom you are writing the content? So, you need to evaluate who will be your targeted customers.

  • Find podcasts to be their guest 

After identifying the audience, find the relevant podcast, which your audience listens to. For this purpose, you need to check popular podcasts by your specific keywords.  

There are famous podcast checking tools available, such as iTunes or stitcher. You simply need to enter your targeted keyword  

You can also google it by entering the above terms. 

“Podcast + targeted keyword / competitor site“ 

In this way, you will not only find the relevant content but the sites as well.  

After searching, you need to filter up to 15-20 potential podcasts that you could prefer to be a guest on. When you will have a variety of podcasts, it will become easier to pitch the high-rated podcast. 

Start entering podcasts in iTunes and check their last publishing date. Select the most active ones and make sure that they have your audience or not.  

To check their audience, you need to look at the content of their blogs, about a page, and previous guest posts as well.

Might be some of them don’t have an exact audience, but your content could attract them based on some common factors.  

  • Pitch the Podcast to be their Guest 

Here, we will discuss how you can start the conversation by selecting one of them. 

Find out, which will push the top podcast to make you their guest. You have to offer them something extra or beneficial, which they like. Research their content properly and check how could your content help them or how you will affect their audience, etc. 

Before applying through the mail, check if they have an application form or contact number. Sometimes, e-mail gets lost in a bundle of other mails and you lose the chance. Or if no other option, then go with mail. 

Your mail heading must be simple and understandable. Write the mail by keeping the podcast in mind, show them you worth their time and describe your objective. Mail them and wait for a response.  

  • Show Recording 

After getting approval and final discussion, it’s time to record the show. Get to know their audience and create content accordingly.  

Now, you can create a podcast with the help of the host. In case, the host is busy, you can record it by yourself. Record the copy of content first, so you could detect your mistakes as well.

For this, you can use online recording tools as well. Send the files to the host, then the host will edit it to adjust in their podcast. 

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  • Create high-quality content

Understand the topic of the podcast and try to engage your content based on three factors. 

Check the pitch (topic) area of expertise, experience, strong opinion. Pick the one that is close to your topic, then deliver the information accordingly. 


Eventually, you need not struggle anymore. After reading this article, you may find the right way of pitching the right podcast. You can gain quality links by being a guest on the podcast.