A new website ranking tool that is not very well known yet is Rankshaper. This tool matches the information from Google Search Console with your existing content. It is an on-page SEO tool that is quite easy to use. You can use it for a new or existing website. You will notice a significant difference in rankings before and after you start using it.

How the New SEO Tool Works

To start using Rankshaper, you need to sign up for Google Search Console tools first. You continue by authorizing Rankshaper to receive this data from Google. Rankshaper will then match this data with your existing content and keywords. It shows you straight away which keywords are missing from your content, without extra research needed from your part.

To increase your website ranking, you need to use those keywords that you have not covered yet. All you need to do is to integrate the keywords naturally into your content. It does not mean you stuff your content with keywords, but instead, provide your visitors with the information specific to user queries.

Frequent Search Queries Updates

Every time there is an update on queries that visitors are using to search for information on the internet, Google records that data. You can access this data in Google Search Console. This data is not very easy to deal with. If you want to integrate new data, you have to compare this with your existing keywords to know which has been covered well. 

This is why Rankshaper comes into place. Rankshaper looks at the Google query data and compares it directly with your content. It shows you the queries but gives you examples how you can update and optimize content within your pages. 

The queries can also help you to discover new ranking opportunities. This means that you can add more pages that can rank high within a short time. 

Rankshaper is simple to use compared to Google Search Console. It provides real-time interaction with your web pages and recommends improvements you can make. Google provides you with a lot of bulk data. Unfortunately, it doesn’t inform you directly which pages you can improve. Rankshaper provides data that is specific to every page on your site.