Social media platforms being an integral part of an individual’s life are not assisting with better networking only. But, they are influencing business marketing more effectively.

From advertising, promotional endeavour or interaction through feedback collection, social media marketing includes everything.

Even the trending social media forums are also allowing businesses to establish relationships between consumers and the organization.

Wonder why?

Well, according to the Global Social Media Stats, 45% of the world population uses social networks. And digital consumers spend around $2.5 million per hour on social networks and social messaging every day to skyrocket their business marketing.

Whether it’s about building a strong online presence or optimizing your content via webfollow, social media platforms have the ability to outshine your brand image.

Though to make things work in your favour, it’s ideal to use the trending social media forums for better branding. And here are the top social media platforms that are extravagantly playing an important role in fuelling your niche business marketing needs.

Below mentioned are some used and highly ranked social media forums:


Role Of Different Social Media Platforms For Business Marketing 1

Facebook, the most popular social media platform, might have started by allowing people to connect. But now, it’s offering more than just networking.

From enabling people to interact, it has become a wide platform that allows businesses to communicate with their consumers by unlocking their true potential.

According to the global stats report, Facebook has 2.2 billion monthly active users. And that’s the reason why it is known as the world’s largest social network.

It is a trusted platform to enlighten your audience about your brand and further offerings.

With Facebook, it’s now easier to garner more attention as it gives you an opportunity to turn your one-time visitor into a life-long customer.

All you need to do is post updates, stay connected and upload content that’s more eye-catching. It only takes a few minutes to create an impression in front of your audience.


Role Of Different Social Media Platforms For Business Marketing 2

Being a very popular platform to connect and put your ideas forward, Twitter has 321 million monthly active users. It is a widely used platform that gives freedom to the audience where they can share their views and present them in a unique way.

Twitter excellently gives a steady stream of information and new content from the networking world.

So if there’s a new product launched in the market, Twitter is more likely to hold information about it.

Though it might not have a big audience like Facebook, slowly and gradually Twitter is getting there.


Role Of Different Social Media Platforms For Business Marketing 3

Instagram, being a known social media platform has above 1 billion monthly active users. Teens to adults are more likely interested in using this networking platform.

Well, it only helps in building better interaction but Instagram is the perfect forum to entice your audience by showing them attractive visuals and video content.

Not only the visitors but companies also prefer it to target a wide audience. Whether images, short clips or infographics, you can upload it all. You can do exceptionally well by using Instagram as a marketing tool.

Because Instagram has more followers from urban areas, it makes Instagram more usable for blogging, fashion and tech ideas. It has a collection of effects and tools that enables the user to edit the images and make the content more appealing.

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Role Of Different Social Media Platforms For Business Marketing 4

With 250 million monthly active users and thousands of like every day, Pinterest is becoming the front face of your audience’s thoughts.

Wonder how?

Well, Pinterest is a platform that lets people share whatever they like. From their favourite track to the artist they like, people are free to share everything.

They can even use effects and attractive visuals to make their content sparkle and represent it in some
other way.

For better business marketing, companies can post their niche requirements by using images and interactive content that can harvest more attention.

Apart from that, you can simply maintain your boards according to your likes and dislikes. This will allows the site to show you the relevant recommendations that will perfectly suit your taste.

An interesting fact about Pinterest is that it holds 85% of female users.

So if a business wants to target the female audience than there is no better platform than Pinterest to divert their attention.


Role Of Different Social Media Platforms For Business Marketing 5

As a professional platform, LinkedIn is effectively helping the community to look for more opportunities.

It nearly has 200 million monthly active users with a demographic report that shows adults ageing around 25 to 64 are more interested in using this platform.

LinkedIn not only allows communities to connect but it is the best professional platform that enables B2B and B2C users to interact, share and respond better.

It’s more like a formal forum than other social media platforms. From small businesses to large enterprises, everybody is using LinkedIn to effectively influence the talent and deliver their branding message.


Role Of Different Social Media Platforms For Business Marketing 6

Gone are those days when visitors only consider YouTube as a platform to get entertained. With the rise in tech and advancements, YouTube is helping businesses to market pretty well.

Even a demographic report says that men and women around the age of 18 to 65 and maybe older are more interested in watching YouTube.

YouTube marketing holds a traditional essence where brands are allowed to target audiences by posting interactive videos.

And apart from that, they can go for the paid version which includes ads.

Over 2 billion people use YouTube monthly, which makes a big number. It is kind of a catch-all platform when it comes to video content.

Whether it’s about a product’s review, detailed feedbacks, instructional videos, and similar kinds of content, you can exceptionally well perform in channelizing your business marketing ideas like a Pro.


For better business marketing you need to understand the need and determine the objective behind all of this.

If you know why you need it then you can look for the ideal platform and attract your audience by making things work in your favour.