As we all know, algorithm updates and changes can modify the way advertisements are, for the most part, displayed on the search engine results page.

Now and then, Google continually improves and refines how searchers obtain content through paid and organic listings.

For us to converge with the demands of the search landscape today and hook up with more consumers, we need to establish campaigns that deal with both PPC and SEO as one cohesive unit.

But how can these two campaigns work together to boost your search engine visibility?

SEO + PPC Working Together

For a little help, we’ll walk you through the best practices for integrating the two campaigns that can help deliver much better results.

What is PPC?

Pay-per-click advertising points out to the ads along the sides and at the top of search engines like Yahoo!, Bing, and Google.

Companies and businesses leverage such methods to promote their advertisements and then pay only the number of clicked ads.

If no one clicks the ads, then they do not have to pay for anything.

PPC advertisements are an affordable way to obtain new customers. But it’s good to stress that prices vary for specific phrases and words.

Some might be expensive, while others might be very affordable.

What is SEO?

Search Engine Optimization is the process of optimizing and improving a website so that it can rank higher in searches for targeted phrases or keywords. Primarily, you have to get natural traffic from the search results on search engines.

Does PPC affect SEO or Does SEO affect PPC?

Can your pay-per-click advertisements affect your website’s SEO? Well, technically, it won’t affect your website’s SEO. Pay-per-Click advertisements cannot harm your website’s ranking, and your website’s ranking won’t affect your PPC ads.

Pay-per-click ads can even aid you in boosting your online presence, leading to a growth in direct traffic and branded searches to your site. Both methods may not have immediate benefits to each other, but they can work together to improve your entire marketing plans.

How PPC and SEO can Work Together?

Here are five ways by which PPC and SEO can work together to increase your leads, improve your site, and maximize your revenue. 

Integrating Both Methods Gives You More Data

One way that PPC and SEO can work side by side for your benefit is to provide you with more data for smarter decision-making. You can analyze and assess comparable metrics from both PPC and SEO campaigns such as conversion rate, bounce rates, click-through rate, and time on site.

With these metrics, you can identify which words or phrases are the best in generating sales, or which keywords are driving more visitors to your website and make a purchase. From this, you can make smart decisions about your plans for your site.

Sure, you can gather this data from SEO and PPC separately. However, by integrating both campaigns, you can have more data, which can aid you in making smarter decisions.

Combining Methods Can Increase Your Search Engine Presence

More often than not, optimizing your site with search engine optimization can provide you a much better opportunity to rank higher on SERPs for the keywords you’re targeting.

On the other hand, buying pay-per-click advertisements for the keywords you’re targeting can make your ad show on the top of search engines when somebody searches for that specific word or phrase.

But if you integrate these two campaigns, you can be sure that your brand will rank high on the search results. Plus, you have a much better opportunity to get those valuable clicks.

Pay-per-Click Allows You to Test New Keywords for SEO

SEO usually takes extensive research, expense, and time. Perhaps, there might be times when you’ll think about targeting a particular keyword with your SEO endeavors, but you are not confident if it’ll be worthy.

With that thinking, the best way you can check the ability of your keyword to work successfully for SEO is through PPC. All you have to do is to choose a keyword that has the potential of ranking high, can convert, and buy PPC ads for it.

Evaluate the results from time to time, and check how your site performs. If it performs well, then you can start optimizing your website for it. Otherwise, you should avoid this keyword for SEO.

PPC Aids You in Recovering Lost Search Engine Clicks

When your brand ranks number one on search engines for a specific keyword, you may think that you don’t have to buy a PPC ad for that keyword.

After all, what is the benefit of ranking for the same page again?

According to a study by Google, when search advertisements for a specific keyword were paused, organic rankings didn’t replace about 89 percent of traffic from these ads.

Meaning, pausing your pay-per-click advertisements could adversely impact your generated traffic, especially if your website ranks naturally at number one.

With PPC ads, you can recover interest and click from searchers that may have missed. It can also aid in driving more traffic from those people who are looking for your services and products.

You Can Reach Previous Visitors

By integrating PPC and SEO campaigns, you can have the opportunity of reaching out to your previous visitors and bring them back to your website. 

Then, they can finish their conversion or purchase.

For instance, if a user browses for office supplies on your site but wants to have that much time to contemplate about it, you can buy ad space from a site in Google’s network.

By doing so, you can show the user the same office supplies afterward. It will notify the user to return to your website and make a purchase.

By using both PPC and SEO, you can remind such users to come back to your website and encourage them to complete a purchase.


Are you new to pay-per-click, search engine optimization, or both?

Are you curious how these two can help you boost your revenue, drive additional visitors, and raise your leads?

If so, then this post can help you better understand how PPC and SEO can work together as a unified unit. If you want to tap some help integrating these two, you can always reach out to an SEO company in Philippines to help you out.