A friend of mine who has been a digital marker for 5 years now recommended a new website to me called Simple Traffic.

I had a quick look at the site and at first, I didn’t believe it. I thought it was among the many online scams attempting to siphon my money. But still, I wanted visitors to my website.

I then read the description of the services and gave it a try. I figured that with this trial, I had nothing to lose since it was a 5-day trial.

I kind of felt like I am the one to scam. 2500 views for 5 days if it works, and it’s for free.

Simple Traffic Review 1

I signed up and the results were incredible. I received 500 visitors each day for five good days.

This was free; I didn’t spend even a cent on this. From the experience, I noticed some things that were unique to this site:

  1. The visitors sent to my website are real people unlike other sites that use bots.
  2. The visitors were well channeled from the demographic locations, countries, and browsers that I choose.
  3. I could not use the same subscription for my multiple URLs but still, I was given an alternative to this, I could change them as many times as I wanted in their dashboard.

My free trial finally ended and my analytics were much better. I got the number of visitors that could take me weeks to attain just in a day in my usual web operation.

I decided to take a risk and subscribe to a paid plan, but still I was reluctant. You just know spending money for the first time on a new service however great it is, must arouse a second thought.

I noticed that they had a money-back guarantee in case the services are not proportionate with what they offered.

This gave me confidence. My business was doing poorly, so I had to be careful with my expenditure. I opted for the crowd plan which was $ 28 per month.

And just like they promised, I received 1000 visitors per day for the whole month. I realized this is what most great economists refer to as:

“Don’t work for money, make money work for you”
– Robert Kiyosaki from Rich Dad

Simple Traffic Review 2

I fully gained confidence in Simple Traffic. My business began to boom. Most of my clients were within my country since that’s what I specified due to my financial constraints.

But, I didn’t want the visitors to view my website immediately, so all the traffic landed on my landing page where I had a button to click on to get to my homepage.

I could measure the success of my page from these services since Google Analytics showed me exactly how my website was performing.

Simple Traffic Review 3

I also tried this service with YouTube but noticed that the view counts did not match the number of viewers that were received.

I still don’t know why, but what I know with YouTube is that they require a minimum watch duration to count the view, being that this site uses real people, they might limit watch time.

I now recommend simple traffic to anyone out there with a start-up business or a poorly performing website. I can’t say whether it will get you sales, but it’s defiantly 100 % real and their services are well assured.

You can request for your funds back in case you don’t get the services you expected. This I can guarantee since the friend of mine who recommended the site to me tested it and received one.

The issue was, she had subscribed for the wrong landing page by mistake. So, she requested a restart. She received her money back in full the next day.

Try it out for yourself and let me know what you think in the comments below.