“Ok Google, I want to buy a Rolex watch on Amazon”. 

Shopping through voice search becomes the new way of online shopping and also the future of e-commerce platforms.

 According to the recent stats by Google, it is mentioned by them that 5 out of 10 mobile searches are done using voice search and the number growing continuously.

We are all living in a world of advanced technologies were technology makes our work easier, smoother, and secure. This the reasons most of your users are using spoken languages to interact with the search engine instead of using physical and tactile keyboards. 

The voice search becomes easier using gadgets like Amazon Echo, Google Home, and many other smart speakers, but not only they are responsible. Artificial intelligence had also done a lot.

So, most of the e-commerce founder ask questions like. 

  • How my e-commerce company competes with gadgets like Alexa?
  • How to optimize my e-commerce business accordingly?

This ultimate Guide on voice search for e-commerce business has all the answers. I will let you know everything from technical optimization to complex once. 

Before moving further,  I want to note that voice search will make some companies less competitive like non Amazon sellers. But don’t lose hope, especially for those people who are always ready to tackle new challenges, and I am one of them, are you? If Yes, let’s start how to optimize your website using traditional ecommerce SEO for Voice search and increase business profit. 

Watch this video by Google’s John Mueller on Voice Search to know more.


Let’s start with technical optimization because of it the baseline for voice search strategy. 


The Ultimate Guide on Voice Search Optimization for Your E-commerce Website 5


Do you know when you say Ok Google, show me the best shoes for me then the most for the answers from the voice assistant like Amazon’s Echo, Google Home, Siri, and Cortana are extracted from the search engines.

Where gadgets like Alexa and Cortana use Bing search engine and While Google products and Siri use the giant search engine that is Google

Implementing SEO best practices only your root to earn a place for your products during voice search because the voice is not a new thing it only the extended version of online search. 

Mostly the resulting showcase by the voice search are queries with a snippet and 75% of the time those products show to users which are from the top 3 search results.

So. to over of it there are a few quick tips to optimize your e-commerce site for voice search


Optimize According to Users Questions


The Ultimate Guide on Voice Search Optimization for Your E-commerce Website 6

Most voice searches come as inquiries instead of expressions. All in all, rather than saying “shoe stores Los Angeles” most of your customer says, “Show me the list of show store near me? 

Always keep in mind while working for voice optimization for your website. Always structure your content (for example, blog entries, FAQ pages, and so on.), so they answer your objective customers’ inquiries rather than merely thinking about keywords or expressions.


Fight for Position Zero Know as Snippets


The Ultimate Guide on Voice Search Optimization for Your E-commerce Website 7

Getting your products information in the snippet spot on is the winner of voice search results. 

Because Snippets are a driving element in voice search, Google always keeps the zero-result at the top of all queries. 

In this way, if there’s a snippet accessible for a voice search query, the snippet and the site it originates from are what Google Assistant and Siri will pursue back to its users.

As a web-based business dealer, there are a few steps that you have to follow to grab the position zero. You can begin by organizing your content to answer basic search questions on the objective point. 

One approach to distinguish which pages on your site are best candidates for position zero is to take a gander at your high-performing pages in analytics. For those that create an Answer Box, you can figure out the present position zero snippet to pick up insights into why and how they are positioning.”


Optimize Using Normal Language 


When individuals lock to use voice search, it’s just intelligent to accept that they enter a question like how they talk in their daily life. Enter query in search result using typing requires additional time; therefore, we abbreviate our inquiries to the exceptionally least, while speaking doesn’t require much exertion. 

Google’s information underpins this. As indicated by the search monster, “Practically 70% of request to the Google Assistant are communicated in normal language, not the run of the mill keywords individuals type in a web search. 

Because of this, concentrating on long-tail keywords will be vital. In this new era, instead of optimizing your e-commerce website for exact keywords go for long-tail keywords. Individuals utilizing voice search regularly search for progressively specific data and enter longer inquiries

Indeed, first of all, it implies you have to identify the long-tail (and conversational) search inquiries that your customers are utilizing. 

Dig it out from your staff (specific your help group) and “conceptualize keywords and expressions your potential customers are bound to enter to discover your business. 

Another extraordinary method to identify common and conversational keywords is to “investigate how your customers interface and chat with one another on the web. 

Taking help of social media is the best idea to find the long-tail keywords — There you will find various kinds of language used by your users to approach your eCommerce site. 


Never Forget to Optimize for Local Search 


The Ultimate Guide on Voice Search Optimization for Your E-commerce Website 8

If you oblige local markets, use voice search to get before customers (exceptionally versatile clients) searching for items or stores in their city. 

“Voice search utilizing mobile is a quickly developing driver of traffic to physical stores, as well. “

To benefit from this, local retailers need to craft web content that covers the expansiveness of their item or service advertising. It’s particularly significant that local retailers target long-tail keywords that answer localized search questions, for example, ‘where would I find the best bar in Houston?’ A Houston-region bar that incorporates the phrase ‘find a bar in Houston‘ in its web content has a decent shot of taking the top spot in this localized voice search.

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Voice search is absolutely a new piece of technology and rapidly used by many of your consumers to buy the product online. And if you don’t want to lose your product spot in the voice search queries then this the time to start optimizing your e-commerce site for the voice search. 

In case if you want any help invoice, search optimization gets in touch with us.