According to a study conducted by Kantar Millward, we are living in an era where generation Zers are taking the world by storm.

And if there’s one thing that Generation Z isn’t interested in, it’s a load of ads they observe every now and then.

According to Kantar, Generation Zers are those who are more resistant to online ads compared to their preceding generations, such as Generation X and Generation Y.

And henceforth, marketing your business among this youthful generation is relatively difficult compared to marketing your business to the other generations.

But that certainly does not mean that you should give up on marketing your business among the young audience.

We are now capable of creating ads in a more fun-filled way so that they become more digestible by the Generation Z audience.

We can’t deny that they hate ads, but we do know that they love making videos on platforms like Tik Tok.

Since March 2019, this standalone app has more than a billion downloads, and approximately 66% of these people belong to people from the age group less than 30.

Why shouldn’t brands focus on creating ads that are creative and can be run on Tik Tok?

What is Tik Tok, and How Does It Work?

A Chinese firm called ByteDance created this social app, which became popular in a fairly less amount of time.

As far as the functionality of the app is concerned, this app is pretty simple to use because it allows you to create bite-sized videos, which may range from 15-60 seconds.

There are multiple interactive audio/visual elements that you can add to these bite-sized videos to make the video more interesting.

In short, you will find a variety of videos from funny skits to dance challenges on Tik Tok.

But as a matter of fact, in only a couple of years, the platform became one of the widely recognized entertainment platforms on the Internet.

Now came the real challenge, how should marketers make the best use of this platform and how should they utilize it in a way that can cash out in their favor.

So they started exploring the platform, and the guys behind Tik Tok, after running an entire year of a self-governed ad campaign, came to the conclusion that Tik Tok just might work effectively for brands. Today, thousands of different brands from around the world are using Tik Tok to market products.

So how should one proceed when it comes to creating ads on Tik Tok?

Here are a few tips to help you.

Leverage the Power of User-Generated Content

Do you know that paid ads on Tik Tok appear just the same way in a user’s feed just as a published video would appear?

Brands can leverage the power of user-generated content to market their products/services to their typical audience type.

In this way, the videos that will appear in your ads will be more original compared to other videos circulating on the platform.

Something like that is already happening at Buzzfeed as the platform is onboarding young kids aged 16-19 to create engaging videos that they are then posting on their Instagram and TikTok.

Most of these videos are related to the US election and guess what, and this marketing strategy is working wonders for the United States.

The idea is to keep the young generation Zers involved with politics.

Similarly, you can also onboard young generations by offering them a free giveaway of your product and ask them in return to create a cool, sassy video that they can post on their social media profile.

Work in Collaboration with the Influencers

While rounding up the youth to perform creative fun-filled activities to promote your video of your brand through Tik Tok is one thing, but getting a professional to complete the job for you is totally another.

If you have a certain amount of budget that you can invest, make sure to onboard a few influencers to do a collab.

Why Influencers?

Because they are mostly aware of all the ins and outs of using the platform.

There are plenty of people who are already using Tik Tok and have more than a million followers.

If you can reach them out and offer them a value addition of some sort to promote your brand, they will basically know what will be the best way to engage with their audience type and how to give your brand the push it needs in the open market.

By doing so, you can experience all favorable outcomes.

Be As Creative As You Can Be When it Comes to Videos.

So here’s the thing, creating a video on Facebook or Instagram is one thing, but creating one on TikTok is an entirely different ball game.

Brand presence on TikTok is absolutely new, and people who are coming to Tik Tok aren’t coming with the idea of watching ads but to get some entertainment.

If you show them ads where they are searching for entertainment, they will eventually lose their interest in the platform and might try finding some other alternative.

Here’s what Tik Tok just doesn’t want to experience, so you have to be very creative when it comes to ad making on Tik Tok.

Think of something that is fun-filled and mind-grasping. Think about how you can polish it up by adding some elements of humor. The more creative you’re, the more interactive your ad will be, and you will win.

So there you go, here are some of the tips on how you can create interesting ads for your Tik Tok marketing.

When was the last time you considered Tik Tok as a great source of putting the word out?

Now might just be the time, eh?