As no two ad platforms are alike, advertisers are presented with an opportunity to reach a lot of potential clients across these different platforms. 

But as a business owner what platform will you settle on for your business?

You don’t have to give an answer now, stay with us as we review the top 8 ad platforms and you can then make your decision.

Google Ads

google ads

This is the largest ad platform thanks to the enormous number of inquiries and websites on the Google Display Network. 

As stated by Google, their ads appear on more than 2 million websites as well as 650,000 reaching your audience wherever they are.

Google has over 3.5 billion searches daily and places its ads on the search engine, websites on GDN, YouTube and mobile apps. It has extensive mobile coverage on search, apps and GND sites.

The ad takes the form of text, image, responsive and video.

The cost per click CPC model is based on the ad quality and competition with GDN allowing cost per thousand impressions (CRM).

Advertisers often find higher CPCs on google ads and have to be creative and put up a competitive display network campaign.

Bing Ads


Bing is a fast-growing search engine with 145 million searchers. It is easy to directly import google ads to Bing thereby simplifying the process to get started. 

However, these ads are not optimized for Bing ad platforms and could be a waste of time.

Microsoft serves Yahoo search results, voice searches and access to LinkedIn data, a big advantage for advertisers. The ads take the form of text and responsive native placements.

The Bing ads are placed on the search engine,, native content placements on MSN, Edge browser and other site partners. Pricing is based entirely on ad quality and competition.



AdRoll uses over 34 million signals to predict marketing targets. Leveraging on a Facebook exchange, emails, google, and other marketplaces, you will find these on websites.

They take the form of web ads, Facebook ads, Instagram ads, native web ads, and emails. 

It is a must-have for e-commerce who wish to target shoppers with viewed products and cost a minimum of 300 dollars monthly.

It is available across mobile and other internet-enabled devices.

Yahoo Gemini


You will find these ads on properties of yahoo and Oath Network such as Yahoo, AOL and other sites such as HuffPost and Tumblr under the control of these two.

In the first quarter of the previous year, Microsoft Bing Ads announced it was expanding its partnership with Verizon Media, the force behind Yahoo’s search traffic, to be served exclusively by Bing Ads.

Included in this partnership is traffic generated from Oath Ad platforms formerly known as Yahoo Gemini as well as other partners.

The ads are available on native, search, and mobile search. The ads take the form of image, text, app install, video, carousel ad, mail ad, and Tumblr post. Pricing is entirely on ad quality and competition. 

If you are looking at putting out native ads, yahoo has the best value for the scope of ads that serves audiences consuming Yahoo products.



You can’t talk about social media without an honorary mention of Facebook. As a high ranking social network, Facebook boasts of 2 million users every month.

However, targeting users can be quite polished with interests, behaviors, and demographics. The ad placements appear on Facebook, Messenger, Instagram and other audience networks on mobile apps. It is available on Facebook mobile properties as well as audience network.

The ads take the form of a photo, video, slideshows, carousel and canvas primarily on mobile.

The audience network available on mobile champions a variety of video and other display formats inclusive of native, in-stream videos, interstitial and rewarded.

Pricing is per action desired, bid, ad quality and rates of estimated action.

Facebook ads are great for businesses targeting a specific audience through meticulous demographics as is not easily achievable on Google and Bing.

Although it acts like display platforms, ingenious managers can master getting conversions.



If you need a platform to reach out to the professionals, LinkedIn is the choice for you. The Microsoft owned platform has a large wealth of information and potential clients with its over 500 million professionals.

They can be reached by various criteria which include job title, company, seniority, experience and much more. Ad placements are available on LinkedIn, LinkedIn Audience network which contains thousands of mobile sites, ad exchanges, and mobile apps.

On mobile, it is available on the LinkedIn app and other related audience networks. The ad takes the form of text and images on LinkedIn, native on LinkedIn audience network sites and apps.

The pricing is based on ad relevance, CPM, CPS, and the competition.


The Top 8 PPC Ad Networks To Use In 2020 1

Twitter boasts of 330 million active users every month, and twitter presents you with a variety of options to reach these users.

Unlike other ad platforms we have reviewed on this list, Twitter has no network partners and their ads are entirely on the site.

Twitters promoted tweets are perhaps some of the most flexible ad forms as it offers you the freedom to include any combination of media and text of your choice that doesn’t violate Twitter rules.

The ads show on twitter feeds and could include promoted tweets containing text and or GIFs, videos and images, trends and accounts.

All promoted tweets are priced by CPC.

As a side note, we will advise you have a solid and holistic twitter engagement strategy as quality tweets make the most impact.



Pinterest hosts 200 million active users constantly researching new trends, ideas and lots more. The majority of the searches have been linked to women 40% of which earn a household income of $100,000.

The ad placement appears on the website and the mobile app. Ads take the form of promoted pins, cinematic pins, app pins and one tap promoted pins.

Pricing is based on CPC for promoted pins, app installs and CPM for video pins.

However, search queries are more general than it is on google so reaching keywords before you begin will make your efforts more productive.

Shares and saves on Pinterest linger for a while and don’t cost the advertiser. This makes a robust Pinterest presence a worthy investment.