In the murky world of Social Media, Digital Marketing, Email Marketing, and link marketing, enterprises fight ferociously to get their businesses in the faces of as many people as they possibly can using keyword research, Google analytics, SEO report tools, data scrapers, and a myriad of other relevant tools. So, little wonder why Social Media, Digital Marketing, Email Marketing is the new norm.

That being said, it is a universal and basic fact that digital marketing has outstanding benefits for corporate entities. Multinational corporations spend billions of dollars a year just to get their goods and services in the faces of a myriad of people using digital channels.

And guess what? It is working. That is why big corporations like Google makes billions of dollars a year from advertisement. And the best part is, the trend is not expected to slow down any time soon. In fact, corporations and small business globally spend almost $100 on digital marketing this year.

To take this a step further, it is good to mention that there are a lot of cases where businesses that were under water got revamped through digital marketing alone. (Entrepreneurs and corporate CEOs saw a crystal clear pattern and decided to scarce resources to invest in digital marketing. As a matter of fact, those are smart people making smart decisions.)

And remember, there is no production if there are no sales. And if there is no marketing, sales plummet and production is adversely affected. And a drastic decline in ROI is a business worst nightmare. It is one of the most basic concepts in business. This is why professional digital marketing business entities utilize some strategic Social Media, Digital Marketing, Email Marketing, and link building tactics to drive huge traffic to their sites daily.

To show how important Digital Marketing is, it is time to enlist some benefits.

  • Improve conversion rates tremendously
  • It is the best cost-effective method to create massive brand awareness
  • High revenues from exposure which impacted sales figures significantly
  • Improve your business competitiveness greatly, which means that help your business to thrive
  • Build a brand reputation and earn people trust
  • You will expect real and long term results
  • Improve your outreach greatly

With this said, it is time to shift the focus to link building specifically.

Importance of Link Building to Businesses

Having said that, there are many digital marketing tasks you could do over the internet, which includes social media marketing, on-page optimization, and keyword research and local SEO. But one that is particularly interesting is link building. And this part of this post will be spent discussing its relevance in the Social Media, Digital Marketing, Email Marketing, and link building world.

Myriad of businesses actively engage in link building for the sole purpose of increasing organic search visibility and competitiveness, among other very important reasons. It is, in fact, one of the most difficult digital marketing tasks businesses do in corporate America. And it is interesting to note that the act of link building is quite different from other tasks.

And when it comes to link building or SEO strategies, there is no one-size-fits-all solution. Actually, some professionals emphasized that sites should have a myriad of links that will lead people to the business website. But some experts said that link building could be harmful and should be avoided.

Should link building be excluded in your Social Media, Digital Marketing, Email Marketing and other types of marketing strategies, which by the way plays a very significant role in your Social Media, Digital Marketing, Email Marketing, and your overall marketing efforts?

A proponent that supports it will say, “Hell, NO!”

To shed some light on the immense importance of it to corporate enterprises, here are some outstanding benefits that you should explore.

Benefits of Link Building:

In addition to that, a whopping 72 percent of SEOs think that backlinks are a significant ranking factor. Armed with this concept, it may not be difficult for someone to create a thriving business. But there is something else: Figure out your on-page optimization and local SEO before you begin.

Local SEO is about creating a much-needed framework of local listings, which will also have huge influences on organic listings as far as a local business is concerned. There is another concept that should be mentioned too. It’s on-page optimization.

On-page optimization covers the essentials when it comes to site optimization. For businesses that operate locally, it should be taken care of in your local SEO. But, if your business operations are national or international, your page optimization and domain level should be fined tuned accordingly.

Final Thoughts

As you can see, the importance of Social Media, Digital Marketing, Email Marketing and link building for corporate enterprises cannot be downplayed.

This will be a huge mistake.

So businesses should use Social Media, Digital Marketing, Email Marketing and link building to boost production figures by shooting sales figures over the roof.

This can be achieved because billions of people globally are currently using the internet to do a lot of things such as shopping, learning and research, games and entertainment and find dates or locate social events.

So it would be a huge mistake if startups or existing business downplay the importance of link building or any other concepts discussed on here after going through a lot to establish their businesses. (This could cause catastrophic consequences obviously.)