Online businesses will do all it takes to gain maximum organic traffic and high search engine ranks. These companies invest in the best SEO tactics to gain digital dominance. One of the smart SEO tactics is to make use of video content in terms of video posts and video blogs.

It is true that when you add video content to your digital marketing and SEO strategy, you get benefits. However, there are two views concerning this.

Videos are beneficial because it brings out a personal connection and makes the user engage more.

In fact, it engages customers more than generic blog posts and articles. People would love to go through
video content and have access to useful information.

Through videos, you can share relevant and unique matter within a short period.

And on the other hand, the concept of video posting and video marketing is relatively new.

You will need to get equipped with smart tactics that help you master the art of videos and use it to share your marketing messages smartly.

Effective video marketing and posts also help you to rank better.

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Today, as more and more companies are trying to gain maximum online visibility and customers, videos add to the set of best SEO practice.

Make Videos Work For You

The initial step in video marketing or posting is first to create the video.

You can learn about the multiple ways to create a video and opt-in for it. First and foremost, you need to decide on the topic on which you want to make a video.

It could be about your new product, service requests, or a product user manual.

Alternatively, it could be that you pick up a customer pain point and address it throughout the video, subtly hinting that your brand can help customers solve their issues.

You can’t mention your brand by going all out, as it will appear to be a promotional and sales-y video.

And it might not interest your customers beyond a point.

Once your video is ready, you can post this on YouTube. That is what the majority of companies and brands do today.

YouTube ranks as the second biggest search engine. So when you share your videos in this platform, chances are the correct audience will find you.

However, the key to successful video marketing or posting is that you need to keep on improvising and improving it.

The SEO updates and changing Google algorithms that apply to content also applies to video content. As you go ahead with your videos, you need to mull over on the following pointers:

  • How many times was the video viewed?
  • How frequently did the video appear in an individual’s playlist?
  • How many subscribers do you have?
  • What is the quantity of positive comments and rankings on your video?
  • How frequently does your video get added to someone’s playlist?
  • How frequently does the video gets embedded online?

All these questions will help you to know the progress you are making. And the answers can let you know what else you need to incorporate to make sure your video posts are of excellent quality.

Use Important Keywords When Optimizing Videos

Similar to web content optimization, your video content also needs proper use of important keywords. And this is a great place to start your video optimization.

It will help Google to know what your video content is all about.

Make sure that the keywords you resort to are organic. Also, you can make use of the keywords in your video titles and other tags as well.

Add In The Necessary Tags In Video For Optimizing

Concerning your video, the tags matter! Make sure that you opt-in for relevant keywords and phrases.

It helps the bots to know that your video is of a specific category. You need to consider every search term that your target customers can search and make use of the same terms as your tags in the video content, based on the relevance.

Add In An Attractive And Optimized Video Title

One of the most important aspects of video optimization is to create a unique title. It will make the video appear distinctive in the line of interesting videos.

The title needs to add in the keyword, as that helps you cater to Google bots.

The manner in which you create the catchy video title will impact your SEO results as well.

For instance, are you trying to rank for a key phrase such as “learn to ski”, and then you need to have a video title which can go like – “Learn skiing with easy steps”.

Place your keyword at the start of the title. But make sure that it looks and reads very natural and not forced. The title should interest your audience and not look like you’ve stuffed it unnecessarily.

Create A Smart Description

You need to know that YouTube bots will not be able to watch a video you create. Hence, it is necessary that the content you’ve written on the web page can describe the video content correctly.

Here it is essential to get the video description correct.

The description is the space available where you might want to add the majority of the text. And you need to make use of your keywords in the descriptions as well.

It will help you rank for your chosen set of both head and the long-tail keywords.

Here also, you need to avoid keyword stuffing as much as possible.

The description should read well and not look non-cohesive in any way, else it can negatively impact the search ranks.

Videos help to engage people in an immersive way!

And this is the reason why most brands today are gradually experimenting with video content and sharing it as and when they deem fit.

Optimizing your video content is essential.

You can start with the steps mentioned above and add more as you keep going.