There are many parts to any inbound B2B marketing strategy, but SEO is one of the most critical parts. SEO has a plethora of practices and factors. It’s no wonder that B2B businesses find it difficult to zero in on what core SEO factors are the game-changers. 

Tiga B2B marketing agency in Kent says that –

The mindset of a B2B marketer is vastly different from the mass appeal of B2C Marketing (view source)

The drive for more sales is the ultimate goal for both B2B and B2C SEO. However, the purchasing decisions consumers and businesses make are different. Therefore, measuring the success of each campaign is very different.

That is only one of the reasons why the core activities and strategies of SEO for B2C companies are different from B2B tactics. There are a much higher number of ‘touch points’ during the B2B sales process.

Consequently, there must be an alignment from the B2B SEO activities in the customer journey to satisfy each stage of the funnel (or touchpoint). 

What core SEO factors should you focus on?

Within the spectrum of SEO, there are four core factors you have to focus on

Show That You Are King Of Your Castle

Before B2B buyers seal the deal, they want to be confident that they are buying from the best out there. You can instill trust with the B2B buyers by showing your expertise through thought leadership. Boast about your company’s expertise, passion, and talent in content marketing that will set your B2B buyer’s minds at ease on any question that they might have. 

The sheer number of available avenues to showcase this content marketing is vast, but the most popular options are:

  • Podcast appearances
  • Targeted blog posts
  • Speaking at conferences or webinars
  • PR
  • Product video
  • LinkedIn marketing
  • Industry news articles

You Are More Than One Landing Page

If your business is more than a one-trick pony, showcase your different services on their own SEO-optimised landing page. Make these pages loud about your service with in-depth information so that your customers can easily find you.

This will make them see how experienced you are in the services they need and that they don’t second guess their decision. For example, suppose you are a law firm. In that case, you need separate landing pages that showcase your criminal-law division, estate planning law division, and family law division. As a result, you will grab more potential clients who only want to explore a single division within the firm. 

Embody EAT

Google is a fickle mistress. It will not allow potential customers near your landing pages unless you can demonstrate your content Expertise, Authoritativeness, and Trustworthiness (EAT). These elements will showcase your capabilities to solve your customers’ potential problems in the search engine.

Knowledge is power, and the better your knowledge, the higher your Expertise level. To rank high on this element, make sure that either your knowledge is top-notch or that you collaborate with an expert in the field when writing your content. 

The strength of your domain and the supremacy of the contents in your website all contribute towards your Authoritativeness. The end goal with building authoritativeness is building your brand exposure. There are many ways to build it, like contributing to news sources, leading industry publications and quality blogs, and having quality links built in. Remember, the first prize is building your brand awareness, and only secondly is the ability for the links to generate back to your site.

 Your content on your website must be honest and accurate. This builds trust in you being a specialist in your chosen niche. In addition, the less fabricated your content is, the more it will improve the appeal from a search engine perspective. Thus cranking up your Trustworthiness element.  

Focus On Quality 

Between B2C and B2B, B2C will get more searches for their companies and services than B2B. That doesn’t mean B2B is out of the game. Potential customers searching for a particular service using specific phrases, and these B2B companies target these phrases.

They are the ones ending up with higher-quality leads. However, the key is not to lose your head and start targeting the most hits phrases. You are a specialist for a reason. Keep your laser focus on the terms and phrases that are pertinent to your services. 

SEO requires continued work. It’s not a ‘one and done strategy. Building your link to improve your EAT as well as enhancing your content is an ongoing process. To keep increasing traffic to your site, you need to keep evolving and learning.

Seek out opportunities to improve your website content and link with authentic sources to up your authority. But stay focused on your customers. Target markets can shift their needs, and if you remain vigilant, you can orientate your company to be one of the first to solve the upcoming problems.