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Why is it important to implement Structured data on SME websites?

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By Bhavesh Goswami

People like to consume information online. Whether it is an article or a blog; people often find themselves indulging themselves in different forms of content spread on different websites spread across the web. SEO Services offered by different digital marketing companies help bring such informative content to life.

Among such informative content, comes the organized data. Organized data, also known as structured data is one most popular data organization techniques. Structured data works just how a library works for books; helping content creators easily organize information. It also helps in improvising SEO Services for a web page by enabling rich results to view the page to become visible in Google search results.

Structured data is a proven way of defining website content on websites. Using names and values allows search engine bots and machines to perform different actions like understanding, read, index and process a website’s content for SEO services. It is generally installed inside a website’s code and offers metadata about a website, page, or organization to the search engine in pieces. As Structured data is directly correlated with the information of website; here’s why it is so important to implement on SME websites:

1. Enhancing AMP Pages:

Millions of mobile users access websites through their smartphones every day. Most mobile websites offer a better experience as they are well structured. Good mobile web development practices help to make this happen. However, making use of Structured data to classify and organize web pages indirectly affects its search rankings. This is because Structured data indirectly affects other factors responsible for ranking websites. Speed is one of them. People searching for websites on mobile prefer webpages that load faster. Moreover, it is generally seen that people tend to exit webpages if they don’t load in under 3 seconds. 

AMP Page screenshot

Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) helps digital marketing and SEO Services companies to improve the loading speed of web pages and improve the website’s overall user experience and help in ranking. AMP’s features can be further enhanced with the help of structured data markup language. The appearance of a website is directly impacted through the application of AMP-based structured data. This allows websites to appear within rich results. Important search terms often provided by SEO services often display such websites in rich results; giving an opportunity of getting a great amount of search traffic in the process.

2. Improving CTR:

Click-Through Rate (CTR) is regarded to be one of the most essentials aspects of a website. The best way to improvise the click-through rate of a website is to make use of digital marketing and SEO Services to carry out in-depth research and make use of long-tail keywords derived from the same. Powerful SEO tools can make this process significantly easier. 


When it comes to improving the content flow of a website, structured data helps digital marketing agencies organize a website’s information into small, bite-sized information easily consumed by people. This also helps in improving the information accuracy of a website. It also attracts a relevant audience to the website with metadata’s help, boosting the Click Through Rate of the site by at least 10%.

3. Visibility in Google’s knowledge graph:

There are different ways in which a business can be made visible on a google search results page. Knowledge graph cards are one of them. These cards are known to appear on the right side of search listings. These cards are displayed with the aim of showing various visual and functional elements of a site. 

google knowledge graph

If a certain knowledge is fed to the webpage using the structured data and its markup language, google automatically takes the information put in it and includes it inside google’s knowledge panels. These panels are ideal for showcasing business and SME website information and give a competitive advantage to businesses due to their quite competitive verticals. A lot of digital marketing companies also specialize to make businesses visible in knowledge graphs.

4. Inclusion of rich cards:

Rich cards are one the easiest way to discover popular search results. They are rich results and are generally displayed in events, recipes, articles, books, famous personalities, and various other types of content. These cards are a norm of good SEO services as they showcase critical information like image, title, and a slightly larger content description. Rich cards have their unique advantages.

Such cards not only boost the visibility of a website but are an impressive way of showcasing information. They are highly regarded in the world of digital marketing. Apart from being displayed like individual cards, they can also be displayed in the form of a carousel-style list. This list presents a set of cards next to each other and host search results from various websites or through various hosts.

5. Schema markup:

Schema markup is important for websites maintained by small and medium-scale enterprises (SMEs). SME listings are often made visible within local pack search results. The SEO services provider is aware of the fact that is quite challenging given how hard the competition is for the keywords. Incorporating proper Structured data into business websites with the help of digital marketing agencies can give businesses a chance to boost their market share, increase visibility and raise conversions as a part of ongoing development.

Why is it important to implement Structured data on SME websites? 1

Schema markup helps businesses achieve that much-needed full-scale optimization. It avoids the page-by-page optimization hassle that slows down the SEO process by building itself in the skeleton of the webpage. There will be no need to upgrade the structured data even if the website is expanded by a couple of pages. This greatly saves time and effort if the involved digital marketing team is too small. Schema markup is a relatively easy task since it is usually accomplished as a solo project in under few months. It is an equal win-win opportunity for clients and SEOs since both benefit from solid outcomes that are witnessed once the work underway goes live and gives surprising results. 

These are some of the compelling reasons why implementing structured data is so important. Additionally, implementing such data is not time-consuming and helps to improvise websites for google’s search results and potentially increase the website traffic.