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8 Most Frequently Asked Questions About Content Marketing Answered by Experts

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By Mitali Purkait Ghosh

Clients will ask questions. This is the norm. So, when you are getting in touch with an agency that offers content writing and SEO services, it is only natural that you will ask questions. More so, because you are investing in these endeavors and trying to get positive results out of it. Hence, you will be having many questions in mind. Now, some of them can be your industry-specific questions, some will be general and there are some that you will feel like asking but you will hesitate as you are not sure whether you should ask or not.

When you are hiring a company for SEO content writing, it goes without saying that you know the basics. But as this is not your forte, it is not expected that you will know everything. After running an agency for years, I have gained enough experience, and from that, I am going to tell you about a bunch of frequently asked questions regarding content marketing. Take a look at them so that you get some more information than your basic knowledge.

What Actually is Content Marketing All About?

Clients are mostly aware of content writing. But when it comes to content marketing, they are generally at a loss. Content marketing is basically the strategic marketing of the created content following a planned calendar amongst the well-researched target audience to whom the content is supposed to be more impactful, thereby ensuring more assured results in terms of ROI. It is about delivering your content to a defined base of audience and getting profitable customer action.

Does It Work?

Yes, it does. The goal of content marketing is to support your business goals. And keeping that in mind, the strategies are made. When you are hiring a team of website content writer and SEO experts, they will research on the demands of your target audience, on your competitors, on the brand keywords and general keywords, the data found from Analytics and then finally they will come up with a tailor-made strategy that is designed to work for specifically your business. There are many tools that can help you understand the success of content marketing and you can check to measure whether it is working or not.

8 Most Frequently Asked Questions About Content Marketing Answered by Experts 1

Should We Do This?

Content marketing is now more relevant than ever. Why? Well, we are currently adjusting toa world where a pandemic has left its long-lasting impact. The businesses and their operation have remarkably changed globally. The shift from offline stores to online ones is clearly notable. The behavior of your consumers has changed too along with their priorities. Basically, you are reaching out to your customer in a completely altered environment. It is almost a reboot. That is why you need to go for content marketing. From gaining back the trust of your existing customers to attracting new ones by proving your relevance, everything depends on how you are strategizing.

How Does Marketing Without Aggressive Promotion Create Sale?

Referring to the previous point, you are connecting with your consumers in a changing business environment. Now, your customer is careful about the purchase. They have seen the effect of pandemic and dealing with a global recession. Hence, the decision of buying is not as well thought of now as it used to be earlier. Hence, using aggressive techniques like running social media ads, PPC, or advertisements on another medium won’t work. What can encourage them right now to buy? Trust, dependence, and relevance. And with your content, you have to cater to these needs rather than becoming verbose with promotion. Content marketing is about changing your strategy according to the situation so that it can help you create leads that will eventually convert into sales. 

8 Most Frequently Asked Questions About Content Marketing Answered by Experts 2

Why Does Educating My Customers Matter with the Content?

The customer base you are targeting is most likely to be overwhelmed with a plethora of options in terms of the same products offered by a different company. A hundred brands like you are hankering for their attention already. Hence, you need to step aside from the crowd in order to get noticed. For that, you need to be loyal, build long-term relationships, and retain your customers. And that can happen with informative content. Instead of being merely promotional, if you are creating educative content, you are helping your audience make a well-informed decision. As a result, your audience will think of you as industry experts and would engage with you.

How Can Content Marketing Help throughout the Customer Purchase Journey?

A customer purchase journey begins with clicking on your website link to placing the order for the product or the service. In this whole path, there are many steps that a customer needs to follow in order to convert the lead into a sale. Now, if for the customer, the product or service you are offering is relevant and worthy of the cost they are paying, they will complete the journey. The job of content marketing is to establish the relevance for them so that even before seeing the product or service page directly, they know why they need to avail it.

How Can I Measure Content Marketing’s Influence on Sales?

There are many tools that you can use to measure the success of your content marketing endeavor. Tools like Google Analytics can give you a clear picture of how your content is working in the market and how many leads it is bringing to you. Now, when you are hiring an agency for SEO content writing services, you need to collaborate with the sales team too. This way you can measure how much content marketing is helping your brand in conversion.

How Must Will It Cost?

Marketers with limited experience often say that it costs a lot for a brand. But in reality, it is a cost-effective solution for your marketing. Moreover, as the strategies will be designed to keep your business and its requirements in mind, the cost will differ from any other business. You can do one thing to get a fair idea though. You can select a few agencies and get quotes from them to compare which one suits you better than the rest.

How Content Marketing Can Increase Brand Presence?

To make it work in the most efficient way, you need to tackle the topics that are less explored than the other popular ones. However, when you are doing so, it is also necessary that you take care of the fact that the topic you are choosing is relevant to your target audience and they will search for this. This is the foundation of content marketing and you need to get it right in the first place.

How Does Content Marketing Drive Revenue?

If you are looking for any direct connection with content marketing and increased revenue, then you might be disappointed. However, content marketing is a crucial part of the whole endeavor that will help you generate more revenues for your brand. With the help of content, you can establish the trust that your consumers will rely on and would feel compelled to engage with the brand which will eventually increase the ROI.

What are the Goals of Content Marketing?

The goals for content marketing can be defined as long term and short term goals. For short term goals, you can immediately appeal to the target audience and generate sales for the product or the services you are promoting. This way you will get an instant boost in your revenue. For the long term goals, you will establish the foundation of your brand recognition. You are creating a unique tone and voice for your brand that will influence the mind of your consumers and will create the brand identity.

How Can We Create Personal Unique Voice of our Brand with Content?

When it comes to creating a unique voice for a brand, it is necessary that the marketer finds out the ways the brand is different from other competitors. Your brand might be offering the same products or services to the audience. But the tone of the marketing can be completely different. Tell the story of your brand in a unique way. Promoting user-generated content can be another way to create a unique voice for the brand. The order of presenting ideas and the perspective can be completely different too. While other brands try to push the sale, you can think of establishing the relevance first for the product or the service you are offering.

What is the Commercial Benefit of Creative and Interactive Content?

The way your customers used to consume your content before has completely changed. Now, instead of text-heavy content, people go for the crisp informative ones with a personal interactive tone. While reading content, the consumers will come up with questions. Interactive content will predict those questions beforehand and answer them in the content. This will influence the thought process of the consumers, directing them to engage with your brand. 

How Can We Make a Content Viral?

There is no specific formula for this. But for content to go viral, it has to be completely unique. Or it should address the pain point for the customers which will get an emotional response. Or the format you are using has to be engaging.

So, now as you know about content marketing and that you should go for it, don’t waste time. Hire an agency and set the ball rolling.

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