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How Content Marketing Drives Sales for Your Business?


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By Akshy

Use of Content Marketing in Sales? Well, the days have changed where content marketing was just a sidekick but now, Content is king and the impact of Content marketing has been well realized by most of the marketers today! And this is probably the reason why you cannot come across one single website that does not have a blog section! Well anyway, let’s get started with the process right away!

How Content Marketing Drives Sales for Your Business? 1

We’ll be looking at this more like a sequential journey, a strategy kind of thing that helps you understand both the importance of content marketing and how you can drive sales using the same.

But before that, let’s look at some of the best Content marketing statistics that’d help you understand the importance of content marketing and sources as to where you can drive traffic from!

Enlightening Content Marketing Statistics

Here are some of the best content marketing stats around (probably it’ll help you take more informed decisions)

  • On average, WordPress users produce more than 70 million-plus new posts every month. 
  • In a survey, most of the experts agreed that blogs are one of the best-owned media assets an online business can acquire over a period of time. 
  • According to SEMrush, more than 80% of traffic to blogs come from desktops.
  • A huge 85% of companies prefer to produce blog content instead of other marketing formats like flyers and videos.
  • 91% of marketers stated that they give more weightage to content marketing when compared to other marketing forms. 

We assume that’d be more than enough to help you know the importance and value of content marketing.

Best Sources to Drive Traffic From

social media platforms

Though this article is about the strategy that will help your content market for itself and drive sales, here are some of the best sources that can contribute significant traffic to your posts!

Blogging  Communities – Using blog communities as a space for promoting your product/driving traffic is always known to drive good results. Blogging communities such as Medium, Tumblr and Weebly can help drive excellent referral traffic, resulting in good sales numbers. 

Social Media Handles – What’s better than nudging your social handle audience? Social media platforms are a great way to drive referral traffic. All you have to do is, come up with a sleazy post that makes it tempting enough for your followers!

Forums – This is where you’ll be coming across some of the best potential communities who’d love to learn new things at any cost! And giving them what they need not only helps you drive traffic but also helps build a loyal audience base in the long run!  

Now that we’ve seen some eye-opening statistics and sources for potential traffic, let’s head to the part where you actually understand how content marketing can help drive sales for your business.

5 Steps Content Marketing Can Help Drive Sales for Your Business

Like we already said, let’s head directly to the steps – no more going back and forth!

1. Start By Increasing Website Traffic

If you’d want us to pin down one reason why you should start content marketing, it’s the free organic traffic you get in the long run. I mean why wouldn’t you want some free traffic flowing into your website? You never know who is going to be your next potential customer and who is not!

Pretty sure you’d find it hard to believe without proof which is why, we’ve come up with an example here! 

Below is an example of a snapshot of Sprout Social’s organic traffic data.

Sprout social traffic

If you can take a closer look at the image, you’d get to know that during the year 2012, Sprout Social was having an organic traffic of around 4,000 per month. And the same gradually grew and shot up to 1 million post July 2020.

And one of the reasons why this happened was, Sprout Social was coming up with new blog posts in a frequent manner. And it did surprise us when we took an average count of the total number of blog posts in Sprout Social – they’ve got a massive 800+ blogs out there!

“Sprout Social had its first blog published on July 25th, 2011”

And that clearly helps you understand how important Content marketing is for growing your business online.

Now that we’ve seen the first step clear and crystal, let’s head to the second one!

2. Create a Landing Page to Drive Seamless Conversions

The entire reason as to why we’re going through this journey is because we want to drive conversions. And you need a medium for the same! So, what could be the one?

It’s obviously a landing page! A landing page is where you can exhibit what your business is about in the most lucrative way as possible. There’s no way you can find a website that is up and running without a custom landing page!

Also, a landing page acts as a one-stop solution for people looking forward to specific services. For example, if an individual is looking for “content writing services” and your website has an optimized landing page for the same along with the service method, quality of your content, testimonials, portfolio and pricing, your audience has everything he/she was looking for! And there’d be a conversion happening! 

Before you come up with a landing page for your website, make sure it has got the following, 

  • Attention-grabbing headline
  • Features highlighted in bullet points
  • Visually appealing and user-friendly navigation options
  • Custom testimonials and social media mentions. 
  • And finally, the most important one – Call-to-action buttons!

Here’s an example of a great landing page from MailChimp that has all the above-mentioned characteristics!

mailchimp landing page example

When you manage to handcraft a landing page with the above-mentioned features, there’s no doubt you’ll be witnessing a huge number of conversions round the year! P.S: Here is an ultimate checklist to create killer landing pages!

3. Content & Customer’s Pain Points

Great! We’re almost done with the landing page! But there’s one important element missing!

When a potential customer is looking for a service, he/she sure has a reason as to why they are looking for it. And that’s exactly the pain point you’re going to address with your content copies!

Okay, let’s assume this scenario. Consider yourself a person who is looking for a popup builder plugin to grow email subscribers. So, the pain point here is that the visitor is not able to increase his/her email list! 

And if you’re somehow able to address this pain point in your content, there’s a high chance that the customer would end up buying your product! 

So, how do you understand/identify your customer’s pain points? Here are a few simple ways to do the same, 

  • Send out Google forms to existing customers and know what would make them feel better or what pain point they have overcome using your services. 
  • Display feedback popups to know more about what is on your customers minds.
  • Conduct personalized on-boarding sessions and engage with them to know what went wrong.
  • Conduct polls, announce giveaways  – come up with something creative to help you get what you need!

It’s important that you find out your customer’s pain points. But what’s more important is that you find a way to address it and let your customers know about the same with Content Marketing!

4. Focus on Boosting Organic Traffic

We’re now all set to drive conversions! So, what’s next – maybe a bit of organic traffic? Yup! Like we discussed before, organic traffic is what’s going to help drive the extra conversions to your business!

It’s great if you have got yourself a good social handle and a revenue driving email list but what’s more important is keeping your organic traffic driving ability in check. Because believe it or not, organic traffic is the best free traffic driving asset you can ever earn!

So, in order to make your content a high piece of organic traffic magnet, make sure you follow the below-mentioned steps!

  • Identify the target audience and produce relevant content. 
  • Interlink between blogs to increase overall average session duration on the website and reduce bounce rate.
  • Use alt tags text for images on your blog post. 
  • Use a mix of high and low ranking keywords. 
  • Follow the best SEO copywriting techniques around. 

Speaking of the best SEO copywriting practices, this read has a compiled list of best SEO Copywriting practices to help rank your content higher on Google!

When you’re done with the above-mentioned steps successfully, take a deep breath, pat yourself on the back and watch the conversions happening on its own. And there’s one last thing you’ve got to do!

5. Measure,Tweak and Improvise

When it comes to content marketing (or digital marketing for that matter of fact), there’s always room for improvements! It doesn’t matter whether you’ve come up with the best strategy! Because as the trends change, you’ve got to constantly change the plan and adapt to what’s  happening around! 

Consider the below mentioned hacks to find room for improvements, 

  • Take a close look at Google Analytics and know how your recent blog posts are performing using the average page duration and bounce rate metrics. 
  • Track the behavior flow of your users and check whether they’re headed to your landing page!
  • Use tools like Hotjar to track how visitors are engaging with your content – how they’re reacting to your blog post images, call-to-action buttons and more!

When you’re able to do the above-mentioned, you’ll get an idea as to how you can improve your content! And when you manage to do this constantly, you need not be worrying about the sales and conversions!  

Final Few Words

Content copies are something that can do the marketing part on its own. You need not have to  reach out to the audience or send email to subscribers about your new blog post! All you’ve got to do is come up with a clean, purpose driven content copy that follows the best SEO practices around! 

Like I already said, “Content is King” and it isn‘t going to change anytime soon! So, make sure you give more weightage to Content marketing if you haven’t done so already!

And reap the unlimited benefits you get later! 

With that said, we’re now coming to an end! Also, let us know your thoughts in the comments section below! 


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